Friday, 25 March 2011

Quick Dinner at Dimsum Bamboo

Here is a short post when I'm craving over about dimsum last week, and I'm begging to Apli and Marcel to accompany me to catching up that Chinese food. And they did, so happy! So on last Saturday nite we surfed to Dimsum Bamboo at Boulevard Kelapa Gading and got a very quick dinner. Cause at Dimsum Bamboo we only have an order until 9.00 pm meanwhile we're just arrived at 8.30 before they close the resto at 9.30. Why so quick to the last order? it's because their rule. Dimsum Bamboo has an "all you can eat" program just for 43k and the rule is you can't order the menu, the waiters will served the foods to you and you choose what you like to eat. You cannot take those all foods which the waiter serve you except you really want to eat that cause if you left one of a piece, you have to pay it in a different charge. But i recommend this to you to come earlier so you have a time to eat that much, cause for just an hour -just the three of us- can ate more than 25 plates! Haha, it's worth.

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