Saturday, 16 April 2011

21.06: She Needs Me

I don't know where she is now but suddenly she's talking to me on my messenger that she needs me. She needs my appearance around her and all i can do is giving her a smile and telling that she had me on her side, right here, even when we're separate this distances.

I know how it feels being alone when your head full of things you've been thinking whole day. Maybe the unspoken thingy, made your brain works harder to remember some of thoughts and feelings. And you need is a friend to share, but no one can feel you the same just like you want to tell the most. The closest friend of yours.

I sad when she down, but the feeling of being needed by someone you love is the best feeling ever. Cause no matter what it is, she/he has placing you on her/him top list i guess. The trusted one.

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