Monday, 28 September 2009

Hi! It's Satnite Again

How a lovely night to catch up with Apli and Oma, taking a dinner at sushi ya (tebet), enjoying mocktails at Foodism in FX and watching G-Force with 'em -and even the movie wasn't good enough to be watched. Soooo.. childish i guess. I'm so sorry G to the Force..

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm asking, Why?

I found myself falling with some dark colours. They're was blaming myself into the words that i can't spell it. It breaks me down, when i don't get enough respect from something that is too small, too easy, too cheap, and even i had underestimated them all, it's just like bigger on the other side. It's so wrong to angry with my life, 21 years old I've been waiting for being adult, not basically on the ages of mine. So what did i do for my own life and others people life? Guess I did nothing and I am too much complaining about my life, it's really sucks.

Back With This Sadness

I'm not in the good mood to shared about the Eid's thing a couples days ago, I just can say that is happy to spent that day with my big big family. There is too many things i left behind and i can't chased it and I'm thinking that I need an energy, i need my friends..

Friday, 18 September 2009

Oh, And..


Mudik's Time, Yahhoooo..

Huolla!! I had already packed my stuff to go to Purworejo tonight, I'm so excited! I'm just hoping that someone out there will be missin me.. heheh.. amin. I'm gonna back on Wednesday and give you a short story on my trip. yep yep, bye bye Jakarta! :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Happy Birthday Anyway..

Today is someone birthday, not a special of mine, but.. actually.. I can't described my own feelings. There are blue, yellow, and some soft pink in my mind. They're mixed up. How can you're imagine when someone you have been adored for a long time ago, called you on his day, on his cake day..


Oh Lala Lazy

This is the last day i came to campus before a holiday of Ied, I'm in the library at 11am and back to home at 3pm. I met nana, adeth, dulce, nung, icha, flora and many!! they're being busy for the thesis things. So do i.. but here I am, I'm not focused on my first destiny to finds a book references for my thesis, but I'm chatting for a while.. ticking some words.. read and get bored.. text my friends.. got nap.. walkin round the room without any purposed.. and the last but not least.. i played FARMVILLE where almost the people in that room doing theirs Thesis Proposal!! Oh... Good! ;(

That's Permanently Sad

Oh please.. don't be hiding yourself of your thoughts and your own feeling. I just want to see the truth, if you are ok, then tell me. Don't act like you don't like it. I'm happy when you're happy. You don't have to feel sorry for left me behind, you've just go head with your life and i will gladly to support you as much as i can. So don't make me such a sad pathetic person to see what you gained to.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

And It's Reunion

I met my friends tengku (lieta), nadya and helwa on senior high school to took a dinner at Cityloft and watched The Final Destination at FX. Those are great! and we're got planning to spent our time again after the "mudik" things. Oh, like it!

helwa, me, nadya and tengku! :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Words and others..

The longest time I'd took myself to stand on my own feet, the most I'd lost my energy. but sometimes i know, i realized that i need it's sacrificed to tell the world that i can do those things by myself, not depending of someone else.

Another Saturday Night

Yea.. that is Saturday night again.. when i have no date, i have no plan to hang out with my friends, their being busy for theirs own business, my daddy won't go with me, my mom already took her time to cooking that day, and I'm alone! but I'm not a loner.. so, when my brother, Ristu told me that he wanna go to Skydining for "bubar" with his friends and his girlfriend, i do want to come in too! heheh, soo.. here they are, when i got home, i already had those and that!

i bought some loose t'shirts, flat shoes, bracelets and a gold owl necklace
ah lala happy :)

Shup a Shoppa

i'm happy to bought a grey vest, white cardigan, long black sleeve shirt, acid jeans, black flat shoes, and some dvds in Mangdu on last friday. hmmm.. yummy!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Lykke Li: I'm Good, I'm Gone

Stepping, I'm stompin'

I'm all gone

Give me the tone

And i'm all gone

Yeah, i'm walking by the line

Not here, but in my mind

I'm working, I sweat, but it's all good

I'm breaking my back but it's all good

'Cause i know i'll get it back

Yeah, i know your hands will clap

And I'm working,

Yeah, i'm working

To make butter for my piece of bun

And if you say I'm not OK

We mus-t go

If you say there ain't no way that i could know

If you say i aim too high from down below

Well, say you're not 'cause when i'm gone

You'll be callin' but i won't be at the phone

And i'm hanging around 'till it's all done

You can't keep me back once i had some

No wasting time to get it right

And you will see what i'm about.

Friendship is Expensive

I love my friends, i respect them as they're respect me. but i guess it's too hard to have them. the longer you know, the stronger you felt that they're not so into you. you can see the kindness thing of you're friends in the first time you know 'em. but they're can be an evil sometimes. i always tried to be the nice person, but when they're breaks me down, i can be worst than he/she will ever know. it's not an emotional statement, I'm not shown my disappointed of someone else but it's truth.. if you want to kept your friends, you'd better to know 'em deeper, you can't make a friends based on your benefit, shared your loyalty and be good for it.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Accept me, please..

Yesterday, i was sent my full resume with the academic credentials, curriculum vitae, and the provisionary transcript to apply the internship in the magazine. So, I'm waiting for their call, anytime. I'm hoping that i can get the opportunity to work on it and buy some experiences with them, amin.

Unexpected Day

I'm so tired and excited! spent my time to think about the thesis proposal is made me frustrated. I'm not ready yet to make it actually.. but i chose to research the content analysis for the blog of Diana Rikasari (Hot Chocolate and Mint). It's feels so fun to imagine that one day I'll be next to her.. i wanna closed with her, learning everything on her and yea! it's because i adore her! :)

So, before i met my thesis advisor i tried to asked her email on a twitter, and she replied it. That day i don't want to wait much longer to send her an email, I'd asked her to be a part of the object for my thesis. and its surprising me that she had replied my email soooo quickly! and I'm.. Speechless.

click for the larger image :)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'd Killed Those Malwares!!

Last week i can't opened up firefox, yahoo, blogspot, and even to Google in my notebook! it's so annoyed when you got nothing to do with your notebook to access the Internet. so, i tell it to my lovely friend (mas deddy) to fix them. i downloaded the link that he gave to me, it's such a spyware scanner. and yap, it's work! there's so many threats detected on my notebook, there are malwares. i can't explained what is that all about, but just be secured on it. you'd better to protect your data before you'd lost it!

download Ad-Aware to your PC in Google!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Brand New FAME

Last thursday, oma and apli came to my house to made a new products of FAME, we're trying to opened up the market again after finished to focus on our studies, hahayyy.. Soooo.. finally the FAME's second season has already done. We're excited to make a photo shoot on this Sunday, Yay! :)

On That Lyrics

"Honesty is what you need, it sets you free like someone to save you." -One Republic, someone to save you