Sunday 28 June 2009

S.O.S please

"I'm totally not in a good health for the rest of this week. oh my Gosh..!!!"

Thursday 25 June 2009

Moving Backward and Forward

i'm just adding the play list on my music player with the old songs and remembering all of the story behind it, hahaha.. such a good story to tell you.. but i just wanna listed the songs (except boyband! hehe..) that i've heard most, here they are:
  1. linkin park - papercut
  2. haven - say something
  3. gorillaz - clint eastwood
  4. red hot chili peppers - the zephyr song
  5. aaliyah - i miss you
  6. destiny's child - say my name
  7. matchbox 20 - disease
  8. alicia keys - fallin
  9. phantom planet - lonely day
  10. t.A.T.u - all the things she said
  11. N.E.R.D - rock star
  12. NAS - i can
  13. Blink 182 - reckless abandon
  14. nelly ft. kelly rowland - dilemma
  15. sugababes - overload
  16. counting crows ft. vanessa carlton - big yellow taxi
  17. missy eliot - get ur freak on
  18. nelly furtado - turn off the light
  19. muse - hysteria
  20. outkast - i'm sorry ms. jackson
  21. and many..
as i remember, in senior high school i'm addicted the genre of emo. i'd like listen to the used, my chemical romance, fall out boy, the all american rejects, the ataris, finch, dashboard confessional, saosin, and yellow card. and now, i loved listen to:
  1. arctic monkeys
  2. sigur ros
  3. tahiti 80
  4. imogen heap
  5. lily allen
  6. lady gaga
  7. lykke li
  8. travis
  9. jamiroquai
  10. just jack
  11. phoenix
  12. the ting tings
  13. the postal service
  14. sondre lerche
  15. super furry animals
  16. architechture in helsinki
  17. keane
  18. maroon 5
  19. jamie cullum
  20. santamonica (local)
  21. and more..
actually, i love the whole genre of music. but i love the international music more than a music local in indonesia. but it's not made me as an Indonesian's do not have a proud for the musicians in my country, i'd still appreciate them to make a good song, really :)

Saturday 20 June 2009

Fallin wit EndahNRhesa.

Love at a first sight* with them soooo much!! thanks for those great performances in my own event (even in a project school, hehe)


*sight also called for our production event, means Seven&Eight, eahahha (still promote!)

Friday 19 June 2009

Report of The Day

today is about Promotion Day from the class event (SOUNDCASE) tomorrow, i'm walkin round the campus of Al-Azhar today and having lotta dimsum for the lunch.

PS: promosi ini berjalan cukup alot, makasi buat tawarannya jd sales, g minat lg deh!

eat THAT lot

Quick Note:
Sushi such a happiness for me, i lotta like it! but it be more happy to enjoyed the -free of charge- dinner at
sushi ya last night with kipli and oma. "makasi ya plii traktirannya.." :)

Monday 15 June 2009

Animus Accesor

"De inimico non loquaris sed cotiges."
"Jangan berharap lawanmu sakit, tapi susun rencanamu sebaik mungkin."

-some of the text

yay! i had already finished read Aerial, a novel by Sitta Karina. it's a very great imagination story that i've ever read i guess, wrote by an indonesian authors. woaaagh, there's no regret to spent the full relaxing sunday to read it :)

Saturday 13 June 2009

Black Polka

i've bought new flat shoes this week, yippie :)

Friday 12 June 2009

My Love is Easy

These days are gone

Loud enough to hold on

I think about the time we wasted

I think about the years to come

It's getting late and I can't call

It's getting late to face it all

I think about the time we wasted

My loneliness has slowly grown

I told you not to cross the line

& leave me with your love for granted

The letters from your broken heart

I think I might have lost them somewhere

Don't tell me 'bout your lies

Don't tell me 'bout your secrets.

-Phoenix, Love For Granted

Sunday 7 June 2009

Lazy Sunday

today i've just dropped by to Gramedia with my dad to bought this:

how about ayatamat Cinta? can you imagine what's the book tells about? hahaha, can't wait to read those that :)

you'd better to learned this

Tell me what did you expect?
Have you got no self respect?
Reputation to protect?
Soon you'll be a nervous wreck.
-Lily Allen, friends of mine

another happy on Satnite

i had already got home after taking dinner with apli and oma in seribu rasa at menteng, and drunk by chocolate in creole at fx.
oh funny day :)

Saturday 6 June 2009

Boys Before Flowers

here i am, becoming obsessed of him, hahaha..
Goo Jun Pyo, yo yo yo ma men!
you're such a lovely God's creatures x)

Thursday 4 June 2009

Lovely day

i'd spent a delicious moment today with lovely apli and oma. after school, we're visited bloop and endorse, and dropped by to sushi ya for taking our dinner. nyammi!

Our Seminar (MC10-78B)

The SIGHT Production

click to the large image!

Facing globalization era, media as the information sources, need to improve their way of communicating to people. Lots of people seek for informative and innovative structure of communication especially from media. Communication methods are explored by media and found out that public are interested in such different and new things. This newbie can be formed in music.

Among today’s industry, music has been the most powerful channel to spread message. Many themes are brought by musicians and people involved to express what are on their mind. Even though some people are using music as money factory by exploiting and faking music sense, these people still need to understand public’s interests in making music.Beside the production of music, another step that is important to be well-planned is the distribution. How people would know about new and good music is also depend on how the musicians spread the music. Vary methods of spreading and sharing music is now being developed. Touching to the modern era, media become so easily get and wider coverage. Internet is one of the ways of exposing music worldwide. Simple thing like download and upload music are now can be done by everyone, everywhere. This shows that media plays main role of broaden many information and messages especially in form of music.

Understanding trend of technology nowadays, we student of The London School of Public Relations Jakarta, are eager to conduct an event related to the topic above. Using internet and a technology invention called podcast; we would like to carry out a brief introduction and a persuasion to public through a music festival. The reason why we use music is because its method which is close-related to using media through the internet connection. In the other words, we would like to create an innovative way of beckoning people to use media to explore and share their creativity (symbolized by music in this particular)

Podcast Discussion By :
Zeke Khaseli (Musician)
Iman Fattah (Musician)
Budi Prakoso (DeadMedia)
Adit (DeadMedia)

Moderator :
Iga (The Trees And The Wild)

Performances By :
Zeke & Iman (from Zeke & The Popo)
Endah & Resha
Marquis (ex. God Must Be Crazy)

PS: Dateng yaaahh..!!! :)

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Damn, I Really Hate This Situation

i shouldn't be proud to shared this to you and i actually have to be shamed with all of you who read this post because it's too private to tell but i'd like to. less than a hour ago i have a physical abuse from my brother. it just a lil bit misunderstanding with us that made me crying over and over again at this time. i fought with him. at least i've got one punch on my leg, one on my chin, and two punch on my arms. he got me into the chair and... just can't tell you how it's look like but it's so frighten me at that time before my mom's out of her room to break up the fight and my father come in the house and see what's going on and protected me of that situation. it's not the first time that i'd see the part of scene when my brother got his temper up like this, but it so difficult to me to understand what's on his mind when he was easily beated me. i'm a girl, i'm a part of his family and i'm the only one sister of him. how he could do that to me? the only one thing i know that i've never regret who he is, he'd still my brother and and i'd still love him too.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Call me a Doctor, please..

oh my gosh...!!
i think that i have to checked this 'every month sick' of my stomach.
i wanna killed this pain, errrrrrrggh!
it's hurt so much..
huhu T.T