Thursday, 30 April 2009

it's sad

after the exam today i'm having a little spoiled day with erren, went to salon! yay.. it's good to refresh my mood, because the exam today was so tighten. there's a scandal of cheating between my friends that made they're failed, they got zero for that subject causes the dean of campus catch them was cheating in that time. and you know what? the overseer of that exam got a suspension of his duty.

whatta poor day!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

the perfect of lazy wednesday

oh happy lazy sunny day with erren ;')
all day long we'd just spend time to chat, eat a lot, and watched the gossip. about the development of communication technology's exam tomorrow morning?
forget it for a while! hehe..

woaaagh.. now it's time to learning the exam's material, i gotta leave you with the picture 'bout what i cooked today:

the garlic cheese bread, nyammy!

it's happy to have him

i've just remember that time,

JULY 2007
first time i met him

i never imagine we're just so closed right now
he taught me many things that i've never learned before
and even there's a time when we fought each other
he made me feel precious to lose. am i? hehe

why must i do feel to be a loner when i know i have him almost all the time? ;)

Monday, 27 April 2009

just update x)

just wanna tell you the very not important thing now:

"i'm in the warnet nearby my house, ihhihihi.."

Sunday, 26 April 2009

another happy sunday

this day i'd take lunch in babe lili's seafood resto at kebon sirih, behind the bimantara building with my family. it's recommended by my dad that had often take lunch with his colleague in there or just order to delivered the food to eat in the office when they got meeting. i think the taste of the food was good enough but they're didn't serve all kinds of menus, they're only serve kinds of fish, shrimp, and squid in day and you can order the others menu like a crab and shells at night. a lil bit disappointed because we're only had a limited order. but the things i loved today is i can spent this quality time with my lovely family.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

introduce FAME, PART 2.

yes you, have you remember that i've told you to show the others FAME's products?
here is those pictures:

we'll be launching FAME after the mid test semester.
wait us! ;')

kiss kiss with icha

the mid test will be starting on next monday, so yesterday i went to icha's house with erren, dulce and nungqy to prepare the exam's materials. we're had study together and spent the time to eat very much than learning that materials, haha x)

okay, it's time to go for the new post, i gotta leave you with the kiss photos from us:

me and icha


Friday, 24 April 2009

heyho, good morning :)

i've just can't sleep this night so i used all night long by editing some photos about FAME's products. can't wait to show you that pictures tomorrow, wohho!

oh yea.. i'll leave you with a random pictures that i took in campus last monday, hehe..

icha, erren, me, adeth

have a nice day everybody :')


happy sunday

besides the angry feeling, i wanna show you the pictures i had in my birthday on last sunday. i've got a surprise from the lovely classmates, erren, dulce, nungqy and icha.
yay! i'm so happy to have all of you guys :')

minus adeth!
"hey hey butet (adeth) i'm disappointed with you! huh!!"

i feel, angry

there's so many things to do in this week so i got myself not be up to posting the blog. usually before the mid test all of the lectures becoming a devil for their students, they gives many assignments with the same deadline.
and being a creative division of the seminar class is getting me frustrated, i have no idea for the logo and poster design, which is the two of that task have to be finished on just 4 days, yea.. only
4 days!
i realized with the late programming concept of the seminar makes me (and also in other divisions) to work in a limited time, but for you (who gave me the task) have must to think
how easily you have commanded me, am i look a professional? i'd just like you, need the time to think it, imagine it, and make it real with the enough time, i can't work so fast like you wish!

oh sleepy day

whoaaagh, so much tired today, yesterday i mean.. after all the things i did, i've got sleep for 5 hours when i come back home. that day i had lunch in warung nasi ampera at radio dalam with adeth, erren, dulce, nungqy and icha. so much foods to eat and felt like i wanna lying on a bed when i finished that lunch, i'm sated and get myself so sleepy.. after that, we're back to campus because we're still had a class of kapita selekta to discuss the changed concept of our seminar class.

i wanna leave you in today's picture but i had no pictures, hufft..

Sunday, 19 April 2009

the twenty something

yeaaa.. i'm 21 now..

i'm happy to know that people around me showed that they're do care about me, i'd see the wall posted in my facebook from my friends, they're said happy birthday to me and gave me some wishes. but do you know what is like being older? i'm too scared imagine it. my parents wants me to be more adult than before because they said that i'm too childish. what should i do? i want it too, i know that i have to changed in the matter of time, i can't be stuck on it, yes, i know it but.. i don't know why i'm too scared like this..

there's many things i've learned by the time i live, many of them gave me happiness, and sometimes it break me down too. family, friends, they're also made my life up and down. it makes me believe that is nothing in the world could become perfect. it just a dream i guess.

now, i know it. i've just realized that all i have to do is pray to God (Allah), trust with myself, be wiser to take the time, and respect with others. i can't walk alone, so i'll never let my mind thoughts that i could walk on in my life with nobody. i am human, need to be socialized with the others.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


i had already watched knowing with erren after make-up class this friday, yay! i like the special effects on that movie but still disappointed with the ending story, it doesn't make sense i guess for the kids, caleb and abby "the selected people" can pass the end of the world by flight with the angels to heaven. don't you feel the same way? we're know that is not anybody could save in that day.

it's time for cooking

this is what i cooked today, one of my favorite javanese food, belut balado!!

PS: who said that javanese people are not even like the spicy food? i break it! i prove it now that i loved spicy food.

Friday, 17 April 2009

the MC10-8B


likes this.

pasted by the lyrics of viky sianipar's song, sesal semu

rasa sesal berjuta harap
kan selalu ada dalam benakku
datanglah disaat ku rindu
dan pergilah saat ku masih mau

terlalu jika ada yang anggap kau manusia
kau tersenyum, tertawa
saat ada yang menangis karenamu

i likes this.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


today is apli's birthday!
i wishing you more happy on your days yaa.. how sad that we haven't met this day but tomorrow i promise to see you in campus, kipli..

love, love, love you as always!

PS: this picture took about the last 2 years ago and i'd still keep it! hoho

the photograph

remember when i told you to show the pictures about the birthday girls last week, here is the pictures..
erren's day, 6 april ..

adeth's day, 8 april ..

guys.. i love you all! keep on smiling like that, made my days more colorfull ;')

crying over and over again

i found myself that is really busy to playing with my own toys in my own world, being selfish. i did not care of the others, just stuck around in that moment and i felt fun. it just like i would share this happiness with the others but i'm not interested to hear all of people said to me. just go on in my life, alone. i never realized that is a big mistake, and now i lost 'them' one by one..

Monday, 13 April 2009

sing out LOUD

tahiti 80 - alloveragain

can't get much done these days

gotta find a different way
i'd like to start all over again
things keep on happening
i only stand and watch them
i need to get back on the train

how was i supposed to know
that you'd be here today
but gone tomorrow?
i always try to anticipate
but it moves so fast
that i can't calculate

can't get much done these days
gotta find a different way
i'd like to start all over again
things keep on happening
i never see them coming
i need to get back on the train

where am i supposed to go
i've looked everywhere
i've just been watching the show
i know i need to concentrate
the way I feel
i don't articulate

can't get much done these days
can't get much done these days
things keep on happening
i never see them coming
i need to get back on the train

it's plain to see
you're almost there but something is missing
my time, day time
can't you see that you're trying too hard?
you hear voices
time to get back where you belong

can't get much done these days
can't get much done these days
i'd like to get back on the train
i'd like to start all over again

yes, i lost him


Saturday, 11 April 2009

a super patient day

the title i'd take above it's represent my mood today.
this day i went to itc mangga dua..
i actually don't have any purpose to go there but i've just want to go out of my house and buy something, and i don't know why..
how people was so annoying to me, i can't explain it to you clearly but it must be a super patient day for me.. errrggh!!

there are people and the thing that's so annoyed this day:
  1. a drink seller on itc mangdu
  2. trans jakarta bus coordinator
  3. lotta time that wasted to wait the bus!
  4. a supir angkot!
  5. and the more time being wasted to wait him ngetem!!
besides that, i bought some happiness today and this is the picture..

the third dsquared2 pants that i ever bought, this is the comfy one of the others. that's why i never regret to bought it again and again, yay!

i strongly agree to stop the piracy but how embarassing that i'd still buy it, i'm so sorry.. ;'(

Friday, 10 April 2009


whatta day? my uncle has visited my home this day with his grandchild. he'd just come back from his duty in the ambassador to Vietnam and he gave me, tralala.. 100 US dollars!!! he said, "buat jajan bakso." muahaha.. it's too much you know to spend all that money to buy a bowl of meatball. but lotta thanks for him anyway, yippie!! x')

alhamdulillah, hihihi..

it's too late..

if i can save my money for a time
before i knew he'll came here..
i could watch him! ;'(

Thursday, 9 April 2009

not becoming WHITE

i'm excited for the election today, made my own voice precious to developing this country for the next 5 years later. i hope everybody does it too. it's all our dream to create Indonesia a better life for every people, better for the improvements in every sector, and a better future!


before the birthday bash

hey! meet the birthday girl. this picture took when we're on canteen waiting for seminar's meeting. but actualy we're not only waiting on it, we're (me and erren) waiting for the other classmattes, icha, dulce and nungsqy which had to go to the city loft to buy
the cake birthday without knowing by adeth. yeeha.. we're going made a surprise to celebrate adeth's 21st birthday.
oh dear adeth.. happy birthday! ;')

adeth and erren

PS: erren also had a birthday bash last monday. i will uploaded the picture soon because the photos that i've took on my phone was blur, i've to wait until the picture tagged me in my facebook by my friends, so i can save it and upload in here, hehe..

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

i heart nyam nyam rice crispy ;')

me, want it

browsing and got this picture!
i think he's a lil bit looks weird wearing that t'shirt
but i like the oversize ribbon on it anyway.

for me, "it's so cute...!!"
and cinta laura said, "oh my gosh.. it's so coooool!!"
i must be kidding cinta..
piss yo yo yo ;')

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

preparing to introduce you, FAME

here's some pictures that we have took on last Saturday. i'll show you up later for the others.
beware!! FAME will be next to you soon, hehe..

what's on my mind

why we had knowing each other when someday you will decide to leave me alone?

Sunday, 5 April 2009

the important and not important

the important thing that i wanna tell today is i'm having a quality time with my brother, ristu for making lunch together, cooking pizza!! sounds great.. but spent that time with him to cook just like a disaster, talk more do less x'(. and the kitchen was so messy when we're done with the cook. let me show you the picture..


looks delicious..
but you can't imagine that taste..
you must having an extra power to eat this because it just like a stone. HARD!
that's why i just wanna show you the uncooked pizza that we made together.. muahaha

and the not important one is:

the bleeding finger!
when i made that lunch with my brother, my finger crash the knife..
i 've told you this is not important but i'm still want you to know that, hehe..

Saturday, 4 April 2009

D for Delicious monthong

lotta tired today.. the photo session about a FAME's product that i've told before has already done but now i can't imagine that is still a thing to do.. i must have editing all the photos.. iuuuhh! not a big job to me but i know it's taking an extra time to do it, because there's a lot of photos for 13 product, just 13.. but it takes about more than 30 captures i guess.. it's too much! huhuhu..

okay, that's enough for talking about FAME today, now i just wanna take some rest for a while and enjoying the monthong time, here is the picture! haha..


early this day..
enjoying bruises by chairlift, good song, good lyrics for the love one ;')
i tried to do handstands for you
i tried to do headstands for you
everytime I fell on you, yeah, everytime I fel
i tried to do handstands for you
but everytime I fell for you
i'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you.

Friday, 3 April 2009

talking about FAME

not much to do today, just having a sleep sleep and sleep time! hehe.. now i'm just prepare what i need tomorrow for photo section about a FAME stuff and create a new design for the accessories.. can't wait until that day we're (apli and oma) launching that product.. yippie!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

oh yummy day!

hohoho.. i've got a free class of kapita selekta mass comm today and got some fun! me and my classmates went to Plaza Semanggi for watching knowing, and oh la la.. we didn't get it and have to wait that movie will be release in the middle of april.

walking around on centro today got me a big headache, too much shiny stuff and i can't buy it. you've got nothing to do with no money, right? errrggh! but guess what, some of the store gave me some happiness too. yeaaa!! i've got 70% discount for resort island story's bracelet, and tarra.. here is what i bought today ;')

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bing Bang Boom

yeeha! i made my own blog. still trying to think what i'm gonna wrote here in my first blog. just wanna show you my recent activity this day.. early of this day i guess, hehehe.. fyi, i've got insomnia all nite long :'(

yesterday my friend in a class, call her adeth, tell me about lady gaga. previously, i heard about lady gaga by my friend, baby, she'd get a crush with the songs i guess, she'd just like shout me like, "ooohh, you have to listen all those songs by lady gaga!!". so, i was download poker face by lady gaga. yea.. just one song and i'm still not really enjoy the song. it's not my type.. hehehe.. sounds like i was typing a guy.. but this is some of the lyrics anyway..

i won't tell you that I love you
kiss or hug you
I'm not lying I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunning
just like a chick in the casino
take your bank before I pay you out
i promise this, promise this
check this hand cause I'm marvelous.