Thursday, 3 February 2011


I used to think about this; you are the owner of your life and you have a power to control your system with your own authority. It means you have a freedom to choose your life at your own way, right? When you have a dream to become a super hero, so what you have to do is create it with your imagination and build it on your way, but how is gonna be if you have failed it before you reach your high? disappointed, yes? feel insecure and give up, no?

The same question on my mind is, did you ever feel rejected?

Did you ever feel so down and broken into a pieces cause you can't reach what you really want? When you already have too much efforts to make it come true but you cannot passed it, you've failed and feel rejected. How was that feel? Broke up, fell, rejection, it's a normal things that could really happen in your life. Such a trouble, it's always become a friend of yours. But when you keep in faith and accepted those things wisely, you'll be a better person. Some mistakes and failures, their just a small punch that will make you stronger. They become a lesson for your life, cause you learn your past and it's good for your future.

I remember last night, have a talk to my friend and he explained something about Reset. That is a familiar Reset on a game or in a system that can bring you back in a normal condition. It just like when you having problems with your computer, your system won't start up and all you have to do is restores your computer back just like the first day you use it after you bought that computer from the store. So, this is what i really mean, when you feel rejected by someone or something, you can heal your self, release your pain and starting redesign the new you, after all, push that "Reset Button" and well hey, you still alive, right? Now you're back into reality, your normal life. So, what are you waiting for? You wanna cry your self alone at the corner of your room and feeling so damn pathetic person or let's challenging your self to push that button and trying to get a life?

*Sigh.. Well well, this is random i know, but it just goes around in my mind like an orbit. Another new philosophy and i just want to write it down to you. Ciao!