Sunday, 24 January 2010

Quick Internship Report:

Last Friday, we had celebrated "Tumpengan" (it just like a farewell party) in the office for our Director for Information and Media, Mr. Soehardjono Sastromihardjo, Drs, M.A. that has been raised his position as the Ambassador of Indonesia to Kingdom of Cambodia, in Phnom Penh. I do not want to tell you any longer about that but I'd like to share to you what I've learned from his speech that time, i shortly understanding those words like:

"No matter who you are, when you are living in your working environment, show your potentials, then you got their attention. Stand up from your chair, and do the best as you can do. Do not keep silent and hiding of yourself. They're looking forward and get a value of your quality."

and oh, it's inspires me :)

PS: the name of Department of Foreign Affairs RI was replace to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia. It's the place that i working for my internship! Should I be Proud? Don't need to ask, I was :)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

My Recent Playlist:

always repeated:
Telephone - Lady Gaga
Good Life - One Republic
Hold On - Michael Buble

Good Thought of Mine Today!

"You are the one who got to chose to live your life in the good way, or the worse one. I prefer to starting my day with a good mood, beautiful smile and mind with my arms wide open. I will never know what will gonna happen in the next couples seconds, minutes or even hours with my life, at least I have tried my best way for starting my life today."

PS: happy Saturday morning everyone! xoxo, neyne :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Yes, I Can Read

Currently love to look out i can read and finding a precious words to learn, open my mind and motivate my life :)

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Happy BELATED New Year anyway :)

Hey-O la la! I'm kind of busy girl right now, and it feels like I wasn't in the good mood to do anything that makes me harder to think. I just want to be free enjoying my day off for downloading music (which is... I've never feel so bright besides downloading a good song) and it even made my friend Astrid also like to called me Ms. Download! She said that in my forehead's written a text, "DOWNLOAD HERE!" hahah! I also like to watching The Hills Season 5, playing my FarmVille and Sorority Life OF COURSE and shopping! :)

Passing the end of year 2009, I have a lot of fun things to shared with y'all... but i forgot to explain to you one by one. And this is a time that i've never forgot about, the time I'd spent the new year eve with my lovely deeply friends Oma, Nana, and Desta (without Aplie, huks...) We've passed the new year eve in the car!!! We're totally late for that celebration, but we're still fun.. We went out to cafe de Hool (but it just for 10 minutes we had survive on that place i guess. errr... don't ask why!) and we had chose to go to Citos, got a dinner in My Pancake and after that Oma and Desta was fully enjoying their cocktails at Score, and at 4 am We'd still wide awake and had decided to eat 'nasi goreng gila' at Senayan before we're going to back home. Oh God, it was a delicious moment in the beginning of year 2010, thank God! :))

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ain't Got No Resolution. Why I HaveTo?

"This morning I woke up with this overwhelming fear of love, and I'm not sure if I can resurrect you." -it's about time, Barcelona

I passed the new year eve with all of my happiness, now it feels like I want to burnt my heart deep down inside, knowing the only friend I'd care about, has disappeared.. left me alone without any reason. Thinking about my new hope, my new resolution, i don't even care about it anymore.. This situation is really made me down.