Friday, 15 July 2011

Festive Sound: L.A. Lights Indiefest

After a long time no see, finally i met Oma again, she's back for summer break from her study in China. So, last Saturday we meet up -with Aplie of course- to watch the Festive Sound at Senayan, there are two stage on that music festival, the Calmosphere stage and the Screamosphere stage but we chose to stay enjoying the music performances at the Calmosphere one, cause i actually wait to see the Boyce Avenue. We passed the Calvin Jeremy, The Trees and The Wild -the awesome one, especially when they bring the Berlin song, ah.. love it!- we missed a half performs by The Banery to have the photo session :p and continuing to watch the Barry Likumahuwa Project and The Groove also, get our body move and groove in there too, enjoying their music so much and the last show from the Boyce Avenue.

This is the second time i watch the L.A. Lights Indiefest, the first time i came to this event was about 2 years ago, i only remember that i had watch the Monkey to Millionaire and Zeke and The Popo. Hmm but.. i don't know, it's even i like some of those performs, i don't really get the great atmosphere that i usually feel when i watch the other music festival such as JavaJazz or JakJazz, i just feel lost the excitement when i came here like i had the same one condition when i watched the Soundrenaline on last 2009, it's not about the genre of these music i thought but something missing on that event, or maybe i lost my soul for a while, no?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Little King?

On last weekend I'm having a long day outing to accompany Aplie repairing her broken notebook at Mangga Dua, and dropped by to Ratja Ketjil at Rooftop Sky Dining Plaza Semanggi to have our late lunch. I remember that i never post out this place at my blog, so here is a short of my point of view about the place, I love their concept and the ambiance as you can see at the pictures above. It feels so homey to stay there and get the good foods, such a warm house to hang out with. And oh ya, that day we met Marcel and his girlfriend, Ochi. We're having a nice talk, watching Blitz -the movie was really cool I thought- and we take some time to buy these and those at the midnight sale. Yaha!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Jakarta Fair 2011, Mom's Happiness!

I actually don't have much word to write, I just want to upload a picture of mine with my brother anyway. Ha! This picture was captured by my cousin when we've been accompanied our mommy to take a look the Jakarta Fair 2011 on last Monday. Unfortunately I did not take her picture, but i cannot forget how she looks that day, I know she's happy. :)