Sunday 23 August 2009

Surfin On It

I'm looking for today and got these photos, actually there's so much photos that I've been saved, but i can't post it to you in here.. look at it by yourself and choosing what is the most style do you like, cause there's so many fashion street that can improved you to dressed up well like 'em :)

the styles that i love the most

The Hills: I Love Drama

I'm just thinking and realizing that I am falling love with the hills, so much. I love Lauren Conrad, I love to be loved like her, I love friendship, I do believe in trust, I would love to worked in a magazine (yea, it's my dreams and I will pursuing it), I love fashion, I love those soundtracks and I love love love everything on it. It such I'm getting involves in the story when I watched them, I'm so excited to see them things. Wooohh.. I LOVE DRAMA!

the casts

Thursday 20 August 2009

a Letter from Ho Chi Minh City

Iwaw.. I can't explained to you what's on my mind now.. I'm just totally happy of what i got today! my uncle (Pakde Putro) which has a duty of ambassador Vietnam, sent me (again) another honey money to me to buy some books to read, and he wants me to finished my study sooner as possible. Yayyy! he sent a DVD of his daughter's wedding on a couples months ago too, thank you sooo much pakde.. i love you! Oh ya, he asked me to see him on December when he comes back to this beautiful country, my lovely Indonesia. I hope i will got another happy money or some stuffs when i met him on that day, heheh..

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Dinner, Movie, and FAME. those are great!

Last friday i met my lovely Bubbles and Candy to take a dinner at Cafe de Cartel FX and watching G.I Joe, woohhooo.. i love to spending time with both of 'em! It just like Heidi's said on the hills movie for her true friend that "i love Lauren Conrad more than anything!" and i guess i can says those words to Bubbles and Candy, cause the fact of my life is i do really love 'em!

me, candy and bubbles

and after that we had stayed together in Bubbles's house to burn our creativity to made a new products of FAME! oh, love it :)

I Love You Full, Indonesia..

I'm getting nervous to celebrate the Independence Day on a couples days ago (sorry if late to posted this cause i had many things to do about the internship and my proposal thesis, errrgh..) okay, back to the point, i am excited to watched the ceremony of Indonesia's independence day at 10 am, but i'm totally upset with myself when i realized that i lost that moment. I slept away at 9 am til 8 pm.. it was a hibernation after i wade awake for the day before. hhhhaaaahh.. i hate myself for that day! i do really want to watched it and i want to see my best ever President, my country leader in that ceremonial, but, oh no! i've just lost it.

But.. besides that regretful of me, when i woke up, i glad to hear my dad was winning the games of "gaplek" in my neighborhood areas, haha.. he got the present guys.. a one of mobile phone. it's sooo niiiiice..!! x)

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Let's free your mind, free your soul..

"Music is my sanctuary, whether it's
binary or ternary. Sometimes it's
easy, sometimes it's hard for me.
Despite everything, I still gotta do
it, live with it, and always enjoy it.
Nothing's gonna happen unless
you make it. so FREE YOUR MIND
and make it happen!"

-maliq & d'essentials, free your mind's album

Tuesday 11 August 2009

i'd Quoted:

"I'm the other side to be like I want to be beside those things are changing me up to be someone, the pressure from my family."

Friday 7 August 2009

The Internship? Where I go?

I had already got home after following the internship seminar on campus this afternoon. That was make my head spinnin 'round.. What do i do? I'd still asked myself to find a better place to distributing this ability.. my own ability, hahah.. such i'm a good person with a great personality to get a good job. But heyyy... I don't wanna be a pessimistic person! I have to encourage myself to be a "That Person" and bet people to wonder where on this earth i could be! I trust myself, i can handle a job, i can be a good employer, i can made my parents proud of me. And yes, I'm gonna work harder in this internship! muahaha.. amin ya Allah x)

Well then, besides that things, after had an internship seminar i left campus to Kuningan (RIFA's Building), accompany Oma to lookin out the bazaar around that place but we didn't have any catchy things to be bought. We're just see the stuff and thinkin that are not good enough, we're not had a taste on it.

Oh ya! After that we're decided to dropped by to Shusi Ya, Tebet to take a dinner.. I'd shared many story that i haven't told to Oma before. I had like to facing my friends, shared many story with 'em, and laughs a lot with our jokes. And I often realized that i can't do nothing without 'em, they're cheers me up when I'm down, when i need to talk, when i need to screamin out the anger.. They're made me secure, and convinced me that I'm not alone.

Thanks to be a part of my life Oma, Kipli.. both of you are fills my heart :)


"It was harder to breathe.."

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

You know what? i got a quickly trip to Yogyakarta with my Dad (not to accompany him on his office's seminar in here but i wanna have this short holiday time, hehe). I left Jakarta starting from yesterday and gonna back to that lovely city tomorrow after visiting my grandmother's home in Purworejo :)

And a couple hours ago i'd spent the time on walkin 'round Malioboro street. I wasn't thought that place was crowd like this time, many foreign tourists come in and they're looked excited to ride on 'becak' and 'andong'. I took becak too after had a lunch to lookin round the stores. it's great! oh ya, on my way back to the hotel, i saw many of coolest and funniest graffiti that i had ever seen before, created by a local young people here, they're totally awesome! if i had much time to stay here, i wanna be Dora! I want to exploring this beautiful city! And I do wonder whether my dad wants to buy me a Digital SLR Camera, hihi.. I guess i got some interested on photography and wanna makes some art works by it's stuff, if I could :)

Well, this is the picture what i bought today:

Saturday 1 August 2009


i had already watched UP! Yay, i thought it's a funniest animation movie after Ice Age 3 for this year. i'm so happy to have this wonderful satnite with kipli. just the two of us, had many chit-chat to made our day felt fun and full of laughs. oh ya, we do shopping too, we bought our self a same black sweater and i also bought myself a vest and bracelet :)