Sunday, 13 December 2009

Love Lunch

Went out to Lesehan Gurame at Rawamangun to had a lunch with my family. I really miss that moment, spending my time with 'em was a happiness thing to me. Since i had an internship and doing my thesis proposal, i felt like i'm losing my time to go with 'em but Thank God for today, i really love my day!

This Saturday: Movie Day With My Ladies

Decided to watch New Moon with Erikha and Erren at Kelapa Gading after finished to attend the Briefing for Internship on campus at 10 am. The movie was great i guess, i prefer to become the "Team Edward" cause.. i don't know, i just like him! hehehe.. but i'm liking Jacob too, he's hot! loooool.. and after watched the movie, we're spending our lunch in La Piazza, ate an ice cream, potatos, chocolate fountain, and lollipop! is that a lunch? but i thought it was. ;))

I Really Love My Friday

Last friday, I accompanied Oma to join on Shopping Rally at Centro Semanggi and got a lovely dinner with her, kipli and nana at pizza e'birra in Plaza Indonesia and hunting some good stuffs at Brightspot market!

The Shopping Rally was fun! Oma was spend her Rp 1.000.000 voucher from Centro in 30 minutes. In this game she have to moving so fast, bought the cloth, shoes, accessories, and etc for her needs to the fashion show after she finished that challenge. and guess what? She done it quickly! It's not surprised cause she loves to shopping! Our dinner? there's nothing i could say.. i feel blessed, i'm totally happy! and the Brightspot? no need to asked. It was awesome! i love how they're decorated the market, it's a very unique and artistic. Maybe i have to upload those pictures, so you can see it by yourself. ah, lovely..

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sushi Night

What i did today on 7 pm 'til 12 pm:
  1. Catched up with lovely kipli, oma and nana, taking dinner at Sushi Ya- Tebet
  2. Dropped by to Bloop-Endorse looking for their Sale
  3. Yesterday was a Ristu birthday, so i kindly bought him a T's!
  4. Took a shower in the middle of a night after fighting on a flood of dust (diatas ojek!) at Banjir Kanal Timur Jakarta ;(
  5. Posted my blog.
Goodnight everyone! Time to sleep, Zzzzzzzzzzzz..

Just Jack: The Day I Died

Seven days a week, i keeping on track living in a love life with my family, spending my whole time with 'em as a habitual activity to collect our memories together that will never destroyed with anyone/anything could do it. Watching this video made me falling to imagine when some of my family, my dad, has to be gone.. it's really scared i guess ;((

This one was totally touchy:

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Love Sigur Rós, Love Jónsi!

Visit Jónsi official website here!

submit your email and you'll get a free mp3 download the first track "Boy Lilikoi" of the new solo album "Go" of Sigur Rós frontman, Jónsi Birgisson that has been collaborated with the composer, Nico Muhly (Grizzly Bear, Antony and the Johnsons) and produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, Tiger Lou, The Kissaway Trail). The lyrics was in an English, not in an Icelandic language as we've heard before.
But it'd still nice!

and also check out the side project of Jónsi and Alex Somers that called Riceboy Sleeps here or here.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

There is a Gift to Supports

"a gift is sweet, that is became a memorable thing when someone, whoever he/she is gave you a kind of something that you were like. Whatever the value and the smallest thing it is, it impressed you deeper on the other side of your heart."

PS: thank you Mbak Novi for the beads bracelet you've gave to me today, you knew it wore me down, but you had already put a smile on my face ;)

The Unexpected Moments

On a last Tuesday, i'm standing in the frontyard, mmm... sorry, it was in a front terrace actually in Pancasila Building. I'm looking for Dr. Marty M Natalegawa after he gave an pronouncement on the foreign policy breakfast with President of The Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran. And my friend, adeth, tried to captured up his photos when Mr. Marty have waited the car that gonna take him to Istana Merdeka. But apparently when he walked next to me and adeth and others people there just to put a smile for us, we're totally have no idea that he wanted to spend a few seconds to talked with us! He asking about our internship, which department we're in, the campus we have came from and he gave a chance to us to met him again in his office too! Alrite then.. What i'm going to be proud again except this thing (at least for the rest of this week)? ;)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wanna Be There at:

I'd really like to come on hellofest 6 with Oma since mas Adjuk, one of the menthor of hello;motion academy told me about the event, it will be great he said. oh Oma, would you come with me? please check out your schedule, hurry! ;))

I La La Like it!

"God gave me style
God gave me grace
God put a smile on my face
God made me shine like the sun
Sometimes I feel like I'm the one,
It ain't my fault."
-K. Fallatah, a friends of mine

Monday, 23 November 2009

Thank God, She's been a Good Friends of Mine .

My friend, Nung was a lot story to tell. She's too kind, too funny, too young, and too hurt to be gone. It almost 3 years to be closed with her, and spending my day with her was awesome. I've got full of smiles, laughs, and happiness when she's on my side.

"I'm in pain to realized that you don't even say goodbye to me, Nung.. i don't even called you, just to make sure that you're fine when you've got that ill. If is time won't running away like yesterday, i want to save you, made you feel secure.. at least at the last breath of yours, you know that i'll be there for you.. now i felt like i don't care, i felt like i'm neglecting you, but the time was running so fast and i can't turned back that time.." it's really sad.

and November 22, at 5pm..
You're gone, but your memories had still reminded me always.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


I had a good mind and mood going to the office this morning even i was so sleepy on my way to get there. When i arrived, I've took a few minutes to helping out the other employee with her clipping's stuff, and then i had an invitation to attending the seminar called "Updates from The Region West Nusa Tenggara Province" for visit Lombok-Sumbawa 2012 held by Department of Foreign Affairs- Republic of Indonesia and NTB's governor in Nusantara Room. This is the first seminar that i've been attended with the ambassadors and corps diplomatic RI, and also Mr. Marty Natalegawa as an Indonesian Minister. There's so many press in there, tryin to covered up the event. This is my first time and i'd still amazed to looked the flashlights photograph by the press media when Mr. Marty comes up to the venue, hehehe.. Before and after the event, we had a pleasant to see the traditional dances of West Nusa Tenggara including their traditional music, and it's really entertaining the audiences. I Love it.

And oh ya, here is the short video's presentation, it's awesome! Oh God, I do prouds of my country :))

About 2 weeks ago:

I had an opportunity to attending a press conference by the Indonesian Minister, Mr. Marty Natalegawa and the Uni-Europe Minister (don't know how to spell it, hhe) held by Department of Foreign Affairs-Republic of Indonesia in Pancasila Building. It's also my first time to see the real press conference. I'd ever learning how to manage the press conference in a college and now i can see them things in a reality, that was cool, i do love those press media.

the press conference

And guess what?
in the following day, my dad got a second gifts for the challenge of "Gaplek" with his friends on our neighboorhood. muahaha, "you rocks, dad.."

PS: Ssssstt.. I loved that flashlights and wondering the paparazzi will come up to me and covered me to the headlines, hahaha x)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Learning Was So Hard, You'll Never Expected Them Things

Damn i miss my blog so much.. i need a rest of my time to shared what i did to do within a weeks ago. I hate being busy of my internship and thesis, i need to play around, i want to catch up more with my friends, i want to hear voices of 'the boy' who made me smiling all the time more and more before i fall asleep. i miss that time! missing the quality time with my lovely life. really.. it's been harder when i woke up early in the morning and thinking about all i have to do during my internship, the not funny things live in a office, when your working environment have no respected 'bout your presences in there. Hope that they're be good to you, but all i felt it just like they're knew I'm on their side, but they're not want me to closed with 'em. it's just so sad feeling empty for spending my day in a place like that, but 2 months and more more more days remaining, i 'd still have to face it..

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

on the Office..

heeeyhooo! i really miss to writing a post so much! since i had a big thing (the thesis one) i felt like i don't have any time to off doing it. when i had a free time, i spent it to sleep all day long. it such i'm getting frustrated but i didn't feel it too. have you understand what i'm gonna... -ngggg.. to be continued, somebody's need me, gotta go!!!

and that's Sweet..

have you heard One Week Of Danger by The Virgins? I love to hear that song, it's really made up my mood! :)

here's the very short lyrics (cute!):
"We're best friends, We hold hands, We're in love,
you're my man.."

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Play It Again And Sing At All..

Oh I'm really in a good mood of everything, except the Thesis one actually.. hehe.. Recently, I have downloaded a new album of Phoenix, Owl City, Mew and Muse. I loved listen Phoenix since my friends, Ocha gave me a full albums of Phoenix (Alphabetical, It's Never Been Like That, and United), that's on my forth semester i guess and now i became crush on theirs song! and the Owl City, I've never heard this before i met the other friends of mine, Astrid, who told me last week that i have to downloaded their song, umbrella beach, but I didn't. And after I'd surfin on Diana Rikasari's blog, i realized.. the Owl City must be on my playlist! i have to listen it! hehe.. about Mew, this is the first time i heard all of their songs in the album of No More Stories, their new album. Previously, I'd just listen Comforting Sounds after looked out the old post in Diana's blog, and i really like it. and Muse.. Who's doesn't know about Muse?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

It's MIKA!

"We are not what you think we are
We are golden, we are golden.
(We are not what you think we are
We are golden, we are golden)

Teenage dreams in a teenage circus
Running around like a clown on purpose
Who gives a damn about the family you come from?
No giving up when you’re young and you want some

Running around again
(Running around again)
Running from running."
-mika, we are golden

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What's My Priority?

I'm so tired after woke up early at 7am and went out to Departemen Luar Negeri RI, looking for an internship opportunity and also had a thesis seminar on my campus at 6pm. Thought that i really need a rest to think about those and that. I do realized that I had many times to playing around than do my assignments, both the internship programme and the thesis. but how can you work on a limited deadline? the Internship and the Thesis have to be separated in a different way, they cannot walkin' together at the same time. It's not just a simple thing, cause I've always got stressed to living in a big big pusher to accomplished both of them in this (not) last semester.

So tell me what is my priority? The Internship Programme or The Thesis one?

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Do You Realize?

"I guess I've always needed
to be needed by someone.
It's a comforting feeling
being under someone's thumb."

-the boy least likely to, be gentle with me

Thursday, 1 October 2009

(yes)terday was a Lazy day

Went out to the campus starting at 9am, so much excited to complete the first chapter on my thesis but i can't focused on it (again!). For many many times i spent my day on a library, the most i spent it to 'skip' the thing that i supposed to do, the thesis and my future. What i have to do today? i used my web cam to exploring the time to the world called narcissism! Oh look at them:

dulce and me

Monday, 28 September 2009

Hi! It's Satnite Again

How a lovely night to catch up with Apli and Oma, taking a dinner at sushi ya (tebet), enjoying mocktails at Foodism in FX and watching G-Force with 'em -and even the movie wasn't good enough to be watched. Soooo.. childish i guess. I'm so sorry G to the Force..

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm asking, Why?

I found myself falling with some dark colours. They're was blaming myself into the words that i can't spell it. It breaks me down, when i don't get enough respect from something that is too small, too easy, too cheap, and even i had underestimated them all, it's just like bigger on the other side. It's so wrong to angry with my life, 21 years old I've been waiting for being adult, not basically on the ages of mine. So what did i do for my own life and others people life? Guess I did nothing and I am too much complaining about my life, it's really sucks.

Back With This Sadness

I'm not in the good mood to shared about the Eid's thing a couples days ago, I just can say that is happy to spent that day with my big big family. There is too many things i left behind and i can't chased it and I'm thinking that I need an energy, i need my friends..

Friday, 18 September 2009

Oh, And..


Mudik's Time, Yahhoooo..

Huolla!! I had already packed my stuff to go to Purworejo tonight, I'm so excited! I'm just hoping that someone out there will be missin me.. heheh.. amin. I'm gonna back on Wednesday and give you a short story on my trip. yep yep, bye bye Jakarta! :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Happy Birthday Anyway..

Today is someone birthday, not a special of mine, but.. actually.. I can't described my own feelings. There are blue, yellow, and some soft pink in my mind. They're mixed up. How can you're imagine when someone you have been adored for a long time ago, called you on his day, on his cake day..


Oh Lala Lazy

This is the last day i came to campus before a holiday of Ied, I'm in the library at 11am and back to home at 3pm. I met nana, adeth, dulce, nung, icha, flora and many!! they're being busy for the thesis things. So do i.. but here I am, I'm not focused on my first destiny to finds a book references for my thesis, but I'm chatting for a while.. ticking some words.. read and get bored.. text my friends.. got nap.. walkin round the room without any purposed.. and the last but not least.. i played FARMVILLE where almost the people in that room doing theirs Thesis Proposal!! Oh... Good! ;(

That's Permanently Sad

Oh please.. don't be hiding yourself of your thoughts and your own feeling. I just want to see the truth, if you are ok, then tell me. Don't act like you don't like it. I'm happy when you're happy. You don't have to feel sorry for left me behind, you've just go head with your life and i will gladly to support you as much as i can. So don't make me such a sad pathetic person to see what you gained to.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

And It's Reunion

I met my friends tengku (lieta), nadya and helwa on senior high school to took a dinner at Cityloft and watched The Final Destination at FX. Those are great! and we're got planning to spent our time again after the "mudik" things. Oh, like it!

helwa, me, nadya and tengku! :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Words and others..

The longest time I'd took myself to stand on my own feet, the most I'd lost my energy. but sometimes i know, i realized that i need it's sacrificed to tell the world that i can do those things by myself, not depending of someone else.

Another Saturday Night

Yea.. that is Saturday night again.. when i have no date, i have no plan to hang out with my friends, their being busy for theirs own business, my daddy won't go with me, my mom already took her time to cooking that day, and I'm alone! but I'm not a loner.. so, when my brother, Ristu told me that he wanna go to Skydining for "bubar" with his friends and his girlfriend, i do want to come in too! heheh, soo.. here they are, when i got home, i already had those and that!

i bought some loose t'shirts, flat shoes, bracelets and a gold owl necklace
ah lala happy :)

Shup a Shoppa

i'm happy to bought a grey vest, white cardigan, long black sleeve shirt, acid jeans, black flat shoes, and some dvds in Mangdu on last friday. hmmm.. yummy!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Lykke Li: I'm Good, I'm Gone

Stepping, I'm stompin'

I'm all gone

Give me the tone

And i'm all gone

Yeah, i'm walking by the line

Not here, but in my mind

I'm working, I sweat, but it's all good

I'm breaking my back but it's all good

'Cause i know i'll get it back

Yeah, i know your hands will clap

And I'm working,

Yeah, i'm working

To make butter for my piece of bun

And if you say I'm not OK

We mus-t go

If you say there ain't no way that i could know

If you say i aim too high from down below

Well, say you're not 'cause when i'm gone

You'll be callin' but i won't be at the phone

And i'm hanging around 'till it's all done

You can't keep me back once i had some

No wasting time to get it right

And you will see what i'm about.

Friendship is Expensive

I love my friends, i respect them as they're respect me. but i guess it's too hard to have them. the longer you know, the stronger you felt that they're not so into you. you can see the kindness thing of you're friends in the first time you know 'em. but they're can be an evil sometimes. i always tried to be the nice person, but when they're breaks me down, i can be worst than he/she will ever know. it's not an emotional statement, I'm not shown my disappointed of someone else but it's truth.. if you want to kept your friends, you'd better to know 'em deeper, you can't make a friends based on your benefit, shared your loyalty and be good for it.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Accept me, please..

Yesterday, i was sent my full resume with the academic credentials, curriculum vitae, and the provisionary transcript to apply the internship in the magazine. So, I'm waiting for their call, anytime. I'm hoping that i can get the opportunity to work on it and buy some experiences with them, amin.

Unexpected Day

I'm so tired and excited! spent my time to think about the thesis proposal is made me frustrated. I'm not ready yet to make it actually.. but i chose to research the content analysis for the blog of Diana Rikasari (Hot Chocolate and Mint). It's feels so fun to imagine that one day I'll be next to her.. i wanna closed with her, learning everything on her and yea! it's because i adore her! :)

So, before i met my thesis advisor i tried to asked her email on a twitter, and she replied it. That day i don't want to wait much longer to send her an email, I'd asked her to be a part of the object for my thesis. and its surprising me that she had replied my email soooo quickly! and I'm.. Speechless.

click for the larger image :)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'd Killed Those Malwares!!

Last week i can't opened up firefox, yahoo, blogspot, and even to Google in my notebook! it's so annoyed when you got nothing to do with your notebook to access the Internet. so, i tell it to my lovely friend (mas deddy) to fix them. i downloaded the link that he gave to me, it's such a spyware scanner. and yap, it's work! there's so many threats detected on my notebook, there are malwares. i can't explained what is that all about, but just be secured on it. you'd better to protect your data before you'd lost it!

download Ad-Aware to your PC in Google!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Brand New FAME

Last thursday, oma and apli came to my house to made a new products of FAME, we're trying to opened up the market again after finished to focus on our studies, hahayyy.. Soooo.. finally the FAME's second season has already done. We're excited to make a photo shoot on this Sunday, Yay! :)

On That Lyrics

"Honesty is what you need, it sets you free like someone to save you." -One Republic, someone to save you

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Surfin On It

I'm looking for today and got these photos, actually there's so much photos that I've been saved, but i can't post it to you in here.. look at it by yourself and choosing what is the most style do you like, cause there's so many fashion street that can improved you to dressed up well like 'em :)

the styles that i love the most

The Hills: I Love Drama

I'm just thinking and realizing that I am falling love with the hills, so much. I love Lauren Conrad, I love to be loved like her, I love friendship, I do believe in trust, I would love to worked in a magazine (yea, it's my dreams and I will pursuing it), I love fashion, I love those soundtracks and I love love love everything on it. It such I'm getting involves in the story when I watched them, I'm so excited to see them things. Wooohh.. I LOVE DRAMA!

the casts

Thursday, 20 August 2009

a Letter from Ho Chi Minh City

Iwaw.. I can't explained to you what's on my mind now.. I'm just totally happy of what i got today! my uncle (Pakde Putro) which has a duty of ambassador Vietnam, sent me (again) another honey money to me to buy some books to read, and he wants me to finished my study sooner as possible. Yayyy! he sent a DVD of his daughter's wedding on a couples months ago too, thank you sooo much pakde.. i love you! Oh ya, he asked me to see him on December when he comes back to this beautiful country, my lovely Indonesia. I hope i will got another happy money or some stuffs when i met him on that day, heheh..

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dinner, Movie, and FAME. those are great!

Last friday i met my lovely Bubbles and Candy to take a dinner at Cafe de Cartel FX and watching G.I Joe, woohhooo.. i love to spending time with both of 'em! It just like Heidi's said on the hills movie for her true friend that "i love Lauren Conrad more than anything!" and i guess i can says those words to Bubbles and Candy, cause the fact of my life is i do really love 'em!

me, candy and bubbles

and after that we had stayed together in Bubbles's house to burn our creativity to made a new products of FAME! oh, love it :)

I Love You Full, Indonesia..

I'm getting nervous to celebrate the Independence Day on a couples days ago (sorry if late to posted this cause i had many things to do about the internship and my proposal thesis, errrgh..) okay, back to the point, i am excited to watched the ceremony of Indonesia's independence day at 10 am, but i'm totally upset with myself when i realized that i lost that moment. I slept away at 9 am til 8 pm.. it was a hibernation after i wade awake for the day before. hhhhaaaahh.. i hate myself for that day! i do really want to watched it and i want to see my best ever President, my country leader in that ceremonial, but, oh no! i've just lost it.

But.. besides that regretful of me, when i woke up, i glad to hear my dad was winning the games of "gaplek" in my neighborhood areas, haha.. he got the present guys.. a one of mobile phone. it's sooo niiiiice..!! x)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Let's free your mind, free your soul..

"Music is my sanctuary, whether it's
binary or ternary. Sometimes it's
easy, sometimes it's hard for me.
Despite everything, I still gotta do
it, live with it, and always enjoy it.
Nothing's gonna happen unless
you make it. so FREE YOUR MIND
and make it happen!"

-maliq & d'essentials, free your mind's album

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

i'd Quoted:

"I'm the other side to be like I want to be beside those things are changing me up to be someone, the pressure from my family."

Friday, 7 August 2009

The Internship? Where I go?

I had already got home after following the internship seminar on campus this afternoon. That was make my head spinnin 'round.. What do i do? I'd still asked myself to find a better place to distributing this ability.. my own ability, hahah.. such i'm a good person with a great personality to get a good job. But heyyy... I don't wanna be a pessimistic person! I have to encourage myself to be a "That Person" and bet people to wonder where on this earth i could be! I trust myself, i can handle a job, i can be a good employer, i can made my parents proud of me. And yes, I'm gonna work harder in this internship! muahaha.. amin ya Allah x)

Well then, besides that things, after had an internship seminar i left campus to Kuningan (RIFA's Building), accompany Oma to lookin out the bazaar around that place but we didn't have any catchy things to be bought. We're just see the stuff and thinkin that are not good enough, we're not had a taste on it.

Oh ya! After that we're decided to dropped by to Shusi Ya, Tebet to take a dinner.. I'd shared many story that i haven't told to Oma before. I had like to facing my friends, shared many story with 'em, and laughs a lot with our jokes. And I often realized that i can't do nothing without 'em, they're cheers me up when I'm down, when i need to talk, when i need to screamin out the anger.. They're made me secure, and convinced me that I'm not alone.

Thanks to be a part of my life Oma, Kipli.. both of you are fills my heart :)


"It was harder to breathe.."

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

You know what? i got a quickly trip to Yogyakarta with my Dad (not to accompany him on his office's seminar in here but i wanna have this short holiday time, hehe). I left Jakarta starting from yesterday and gonna back to that lovely city tomorrow after visiting my grandmother's home in Purworejo :)

And a couple hours ago i'd spent the time on walkin 'round Malioboro street. I wasn't thought that place was crowd like this time, many foreign tourists come in and they're looked excited to ride on 'becak' and 'andong'. I took becak too after had a lunch to lookin round the stores. it's great! oh ya, on my way back to the hotel, i saw many of coolest and funniest graffiti that i had ever seen before, created by a local young people here, they're totally awesome! if i had much time to stay here, i wanna be Dora! I want to exploring this beautiful city! And I do wonder whether my dad wants to buy me a Digital SLR Camera, hihi.. I guess i got some interested on photography and wanna makes some art works by it's stuff, if I could :)

Well, this is the picture what i bought today:

Saturday, 1 August 2009


i had already watched UP! Yay, i thought it's a funniest animation movie after Ice Age 3 for this year. i'm so happy to have this wonderful satnite with kipli. just the two of us, had many chit-chat to made our day felt fun and full of laughs. oh ya, we do shopping too, we bought our self a same black sweater and i also bought myself a vest and bracelet :)

Friday, 31 July 2009

One Monologue

When sometimes you felt like you're falling into a big black hole, think what is the purpose of your life? What is your destiny? What you wanna gain to? And etc, it made your mind go around the imagination, the fiction you build with all of you wanted to be. I'm including with this situation. Where I would like to know myself deeper than before. Dig it out what is actually I'm looking for in my own life. I was thinking that I feel better when I decided something from the thoughts of someone else. But now I realized, I felt so sad pathetic and regretful when i knew that decision is not made by myself. It's hurt.. When you feel sorry for someone who doesn't deserved to have it, at the same time you're definitely know that you can't go back to that time. This earth was spinning around with it's rotation. How about this life? The past is past, and we're live in life now.. You should be learned of the mistake that you got in the past and don't make yourself falling in the same black hole. You'd better to get some, than a lose some.

Scrap Boxing Day

When you got nothing to do, try to burned your imagination, make something with all of your creativity. Yesterday i made a scrap box to save a little stuff such as flash disk, cable data, post it and earphone that scattered around on my desk. It easy, all of you have needed is just a box, old magazines, scissors, and a glue:
Got it? Let's make your own scrap box, guys! :)

When Did You're Heart Go Missing?

Love don't come so easily

This doesn't have to end in tragedy

I have you and you have me

We're one in a million, why can't you see?

I'm waiting, waiting for nothing

You're leaving, leaving me hanging

When did your heart go missing?

When did your heart go missing?

I treat you like a princess

But your life is just one big mess

When did your heart go missing?

When did your heart go missing, yeah?

-Rooney, When Did You're Heart Go Missing?

The Monday-Tuesday with Sugar Family

I ever told you about Dixty, they're my friends on campus since semester 1. there's a 10 members of that gang (cih! males sendiri bacanya) but that already exists is just me, Apri, Oma, Nana, and Aca. So when we had a dinner in Warung Pasta at Kemang we're decided to make a new frame of our friendship, Tarrra.. The Sugar Family was born exactly at 10 pm. Hahah.. Me as Bee want to introduce my new family, here they are:

Nana as Cherry, Oma as Candy, Me as Bee, Aca as Creamy and Apri as Bubble

The following day, we're had lunch in Warung Ayam Taliwang and ate Duren Monthong! Yummy!!! :)

The 3 days Living on Beverly Hills 31

Recent Updates:

I had already told you that I'm having holiday with my classmates, right? So here it's the point, I cannot tell you much longer than to said that I really glad to had them. The classmates was made my days. They're so lovely, funny, and many of words to represent my happiness to had them all. Really. I remember the night when we spent the times to made some description about friend's look like (even I ended that games quickly cause I got napping) It make our self felt fun, cause there's no boundaries between us to tell what you don't like it to your friends. We're opened and be honest with our thoughts.

The conclusion of this report is:

I am totally enjoyed the "crazy lovely holiday" with y'all guys..

erren, me, astrid, nungqy, erikha, tete, ling-ling, boy, aa, andre, mas hen, felio, jeff and iput

Friday, 24 July 2009

I'm So Yellow :)

I'm very enthusiastic to having a holiday with my classmates, MC10-8B today 'til sunday! Yayyi! :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Oh sweety..

"Grab my body baby.. Hold my heart don't break it, it is Yours.." J Holiday, It's Yours

Yep, it's me! have singin that song rite now!
Can you hear it? :)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The UK Afternoon

Today my class, MC10-8B, have made an exhibition about culture of UK (England) to finished our project class of Intercultural Communication subject but it wasn't look like an exhibition anyway.. hehe.. That event was startin at 3 pm on canteen of campus B. I think this event is getting so much attentions from the students whose came into the canteen, cause theirs so crowded. The audiences was awesome, i'd see when they're got it's entertainment that we had serve. Fun! (even i spent lotta times to play TTS with icha, haha)

Oh ya, i forgot to explain what's the exhibition about. We called it UK Afternoon and we presents an acoustical music performance by Tami (our classmate) with his friends Iga from the trees and the wild, he's also an announcer of some local radio station in Jakarta. Tami and Iga played some Britpop songs by Coldplay, Morrissey, Radiohead and The Beatles. it's very comfy to watched her singing.. i do love her voice. thank you Tami to made my day! :)

And oh, i wanna show you the picture of TTS that made me dizzy to think all day long. hahaha.. a nice cover too!

Monday, 20 July 2009

a Short Story at 8 pm

Kali ini ngepost pake bahasa Indonesia. hahaha, ini bukan karna nggak bisa bikin in English nya lohhh.. tapi karna aku cinta Indonesia! hueeeehehe x) Stengah jam-an yang lalu iseng nulis-nulis dikertas, nggak tau deh maksud isinya apah.. ini lagi dicoba ditulis ke sini. Buat yang nggak berkenan baca karna ceritanya nggak ada juntrungan. ya maaf ajaaaa..

Kurang lebih isinya begini:

Disini, diruang kecil yang separuh berwarna merah jambu dan separuh lagi berwarna ungu, saya terbaring diranjang yang muatannya hanya cukup untuk dua orang saja. tidak lupa, mata saya ikut memandangi bedcover yang saya peluk dengan erat agar suhu tubuh saya tetap terjaga kehangatannya (dan juga untuk menimbulkan efek dramatis dari pemikiran saya). Earphone telepon genggam saya terpasang erat ditelinga, alunan musik lembut sampai keras terasa menggaung ditelinga ini. Sejumlah pesan singkat yang bahasa teknologinya disebut sms hilir mudik masuk ke dalam telepon genggam saya. itu dari Apri, teman terbaik saya dari perjumpaan awal kami di gedung Bimantara tempat kami menduduki bangku kuliah tepatnya pada akhir tahun 2006. Beberapa kali telepon genggam ini juga berdering. Jujur, sedari tadi siang telepon ini sudah mengganggu pikiran saya. Beberapakali telepon ini berdering, saya mengacuhkannya. sampai detik ini pun saya tidak menghiraukannya (bahkan saat saya menulis cerita ini disini telepon itu tetap berdering, dari orang yang sama, yang sedang saya abaikan). Saat telepon itu berdering, saya malah asik membaca majalah Gogirl! yang ada dibawah bantal tempat tidur saya. melihat majalah itu malah membuat saya semakin pusing ternyata. Banyak yang mau saya beli. Tapi diakhir-akhir bulan seperti ini, apa yang dapat saya lakukan? Paling cuma gigit jari dan mengkhayal punya ini dan itu. Setelah saya pikir-pikir lagi, membaca majalah ini tidak ada gunanya. Terang saja, hal itu tidak membuat wajah saya yang tadinya muram kembali bersinar cerah seperti sedia kala. Mungkin karna saya jarang pake Pond's Whitening juga sih..

Hmmm.. Pesan singkat dari Apri yang terakhir membuat saya memikirkan dimana tempat saya magang pekerjaan nanti. Pusingnya saya malah bertambah lagi ternyata. Soalnya saya belum kepikiran mau memagang kerjaan saya dimana. Tapi setelah banyak menganalisa isi kepala saya saat ini, tercetus kalimat, "Saya belum butuh pacar." Menurut saya masih banyak yang saya pikirkan disamping urusan hati ataupun cinta. Mungkin juga saya sudah terjangkit virus jombloisme yang ditularkan oleh salah seorang mantan teman saya. Beberapa hari yang lalu dia menyebut kata jombloisme dengan pengertian sudah terlalu asik menjomblo. Mungkin.

tapi sedikit celetukan, "Saat magang nanti saya butuh orang (pacar) yang bisa memperhatikan saya, terlebih bisa antar jemput saya ke kantor." Tapi tidak! Buru-buru saya gelengkan kepala untuk mengenyahkan pikiran sempit itu. Saya tidak serendah itu memandang indah cinta. Saya menghargai cinta apa adanya, saya menghormati cinta dengan tulus. Hanya saja teori Bobot Bibit Bebet orang jawa yang diterapkan ibu saya membuat saya selalu selektif dalam memilih pasangan. Bukan. Itu bukan mau saya. Saya memang sering kali mengalahkan cinta yang berkecamuk di dada hanya karna petuah ibu saya. Beliau memang tidak mengatur jodoh saya, tetapi sebisa mungkin beliau mengarahkan apa yang terbaik untuk masa depan saya. Terima kasih ibu. Tetapi dorongan kuatmu terkadang membuatku meringis kesakitan.

Oke, terlepas dari masalah cinta, sekarang saya mulai membuka pikiran baru lainnya, tapi tanpa tersadar kaki saya sudah memelintir kemana-mana. Setelah saya tela'ah. Saya tahu. Ternyata udara di kamar saya sudah sangat terasa dingin. Pantas diri ini meronta ingin segera buang air kecil. Mungkin hanya sampai sini batas analisa pemikiran otak saya hari ini. Mungkin akan ada lagi pemikiran yang berkembang saat saya berada di kamar mandi nanti. Doakan saja.

Tak lupa, saya sisipkan foto coret-coretan saya tadi:

Heart Those and That

I can handle my sensitivity of music when focused listening to:
  1. J-Holiday - It's yours
  2. Lady Gaga - Love Game
  3. Beyonce Knowless - Halo
  4. James Morrisson - Man in The Mirror (Tribute to MJ)
  5. Phoenix - (You Can Blame it On) Anybody
  6. Eminem - We Made You (i heart Eminem since i'm in the Junior High School anyway, so glad to know he's came back to sing again, Yay!)
  7. Kid Cudi - Day N Nite
  8. Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls
  9. Yui Horie - Pure Snow
It's playin 'round on my head! at least for the rest of this week :)

It's So Fun

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Support For IndonesiaUnite

join the IndonesiaUnite by enter your twitter login details on:

and said, "YES, WE ARE NOT AFRAID!" :)

Indonesian's Cried Again

Yesterday is a saddest day for people who lives in Indonesia. at least 2 bombs was explode in JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Mega Kuningan's area at 07.40 am. i was on the way nearby that location to reach my campus to having exam of intercultural communication. along from Tebet until Ambassador Mall i'd see the street's crowded with the polices, television's crews, and ambulances. it was so frightening moment that i had never seen before. i've just heard from the driver's of the subway that i took, that is a bomb explode in JW Marriot. so scared, cause it means that is two bombs attacked it place for the last one decade.

When taking lunch in the campus after that exam, i saw the breaking news on television that shown the last things happened in the location where is the bombs exploded. so sad to heard the people's cried and see the blood's everywhere. as an Indonesian, i'm totally upset with this unpredictable attacked by the terrorists.

Oh man, you (the bombers) can't break us down with this thing. We're gonna stick together to fight with y'all!!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

then, Learn It

"Love is like a beautiful wound."
-Boys Before Flowers Soundtrack

You'd better to find your love selectivity, learn the way he is deeply, and always think clearly when you'll decide something on your love life. I do believe, there's someone out there who will winning your heart. and if you got him, then keep it. a good relationship based on a good communicate.

I'd still find my love, i do.. and whoever he is, when he asked for love, i will gladly gave my heart and save it for him. but it must to be harder for me to try built it into the reality. so, never give up for love y'all! :)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Hell yea, that was a great Panic

I often be late when i have appointments, but i do really hate when i late for attending the important thing that is scheduled, so much! (oh yeah, it just like i told you clearly that i'm a selfish person, rite? ;p) Today i almost lost my exam of Indonesian Communications System. This is the final exam, and i swear to God.. if i lost it, i'm hurted. i do really care for my studies because it's something that i have to be proud of. even i did nothing "Wow.." in the campus, i will always do the best for made a better points for all of the subject that i takes. i kept on promise to make my parents happy to see my achievements.

and here we go, i tell you that 'stupid expectation' on my head today:

last nite i keep on trying to understanding the material exam (when sometimes i did enjoying to browsing and watching tv, hehe) i had a chit chat with lovely dulce on facebook and yahoo messenger, and we have discussed about the exam today, it's kinda sick to know cause we had that exam in the morning, and bla bla bla.. i continue to studying until 5.30 and dulce sent me a message that she's got napping but i told her i completely read those thing so i wanna sleep for a while. but i don't.. i made a record of the material exam and trying to memorize them with it. 8 am, i'd still on my house and took my breakfast. and until 9 am when i wanna dressed up, erren's call, and what? i do expect that exam is starting on 11 am but erren got shock when i'm gladly say to her that i'd still in house. unfortunately, she said the exam starting on 9 am. Ow.. my.. Gosh..

the end, what's on your mind? x(

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quick Report:

i had already met oma and it nice to know that she's looking good enough. i dropped by to sushi ya after met her with apli and achel. it was the first time for me to spending the saturday nite in the hospital, great! :)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

and Yes, I Lost My Date

in the early of this saturday morning i'd still wide awake. i've been thinkin what i have to do today. watching, browsing, eating or sleeping, those are too.. bored! i want more than that. last nite my dad asked me to accompany him to kondangan at sasono adiguno's building but it's gonna be so bored i guess, i'm so sorry dad :(. and oh, i remember him, the last conversation, the invitation that i've rejected. oh GOD, take me back to that moment when he asked me to go out with him today, this saturday nite! i really wanna go.. i didn't mean to reject it. i won't be free tonight! huhuhu T.T

Get Well Soon, Oma..

Oma's got sick. she's in the hospital, she had been there from this tuesday but i haven't see her. i really want to go, but i just don't know when. there's always 'thing' to do that obstruct my plan to look her. errrgh! well then, i just want to look her back in a good health, i miss you oma..

Yes, I Knew That Way

Wow and Yay! now i can save the screen picture on my desktop! (i know it's a simply thing to do but not all of ya'll can make it, right?) i asked many of my friends but only two of them told me that way. there are two different way to do it. first, you can click PrtScSysRq on your keyboard and paste it to the paint or photoshop and save it. and the second way is googling the pc screen capture, and you can save your picture on it or just click and download this link:
it's an easy way to try! :)

yesterday i used my time to answers the questions all about me in the facebook. it just like i answered the trivia quiz in a bulletin board on friendster that i did a long time ago (hehe, such it many years goes by since i left my friendster account) and bingbamboom, i try to save that pictures to you! here they are:

click to open large

and oh ya, i'm happy ;)

They're Likes MakeUp

Girls, they do want to looked nice and beautiful from the others. I do believe with see this pictures, haha..

in these photos: icha, erren, dulce and adeth

Monday, 6 July 2009

Hello, it's me again :)

i'm back!
a couple days ago i made myself busy to fall asleep. really! i've just got a hibernation on my days. i didn't do anything and i've got 15 hours a day to sleep. can't you imagine it? when i woke up, i felt so dizzy, and i think clearly that i lost those quality times to do something more brilliant than asleep. yea.. it should be! and now i had regret to spent those times just to continuing my dreams.

okay, just forget it!
i wanna show you the blog of
FAME, and i hope you guys can visited this blog for your references of the accessories menu on your fashion list. we're in the preparing to made a second season of our product. so, check out our blog anytime you want! :)
click here:

enjoy your day everyone! i have to go to sleep now because tomorrow (ok, i think it should be today, hehe) i have to attending the meeting about the exhibition class on campus.
i'll be back on my good mood to write this blog, hhe.. xoxo ;)

Sunday, 28 June 2009

S.O.S please

"I'm totally not in a good health for the rest of this week. oh my Gosh..!!!"

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Moving Backward and Forward

i'm just adding the play list on my music player with the old songs and remembering all of the story behind it, hahaha.. such a good story to tell you.. but i just wanna listed the songs (except boyband! hehe..) that i've heard most, here they are:
  1. linkin park - papercut
  2. haven - say something
  3. gorillaz - clint eastwood
  4. red hot chili peppers - the zephyr song
  5. aaliyah - i miss you
  6. destiny's child - say my name
  7. matchbox 20 - disease
  8. alicia keys - fallin
  9. phantom planet - lonely day
  10. t.A.T.u - all the things she said
  11. N.E.R.D - rock star
  12. NAS - i can
  13. Blink 182 - reckless abandon
  14. nelly ft. kelly rowland - dilemma
  15. sugababes - overload
  16. counting crows ft. vanessa carlton - big yellow taxi
  17. missy eliot - get ur freak on
  18. nelly furtado - turn off the light
  19. muse - hysteria
  20. outkast - i'm sorry ms. jackson
  21. and many..
as i remember, in senior high school i'm addicted the genre of emo. i'd like listen to the used, my chemical romance, fall out boy, the all american rejects, the ataris, finch, dashboard confessional, saosin, and yellow card. and now, i loved listen to:
  1. arctic monkeys
  2. sigur ros
  3. tahiti 80
  4. imogen heap
  5. lily allen
  6. lady gaga
  7. lykke li
  8. travis
  9. jamiroquai
  10. just jack
  11. phoenix
  12. the ting tings
  13. the postal service
  14. sondre lerche
  15. super furry animals
  16. architechture in helsinki
  17. keane
  18. maroon 5
  19. jamie cullum
  20. santamonica (local)
  21. and more..
actually, i love the whole genre of music. but i love the international music more than a music local in indonesia. but it's not made me as an Indonesian's do not have a proud for the musicians in my country, i'd still appreciate them to make a good song, really :)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Fallin wit EndahNRhesa.

Love at a first sight* with them soooo much!! thanks for those great performances in my own event (even in a project school, hehe)


*sight also called for our production event, means Seven&Eight, eahahha (still promote!)

Friday, 19 June 2009

Report of The Day

today is about Promotion Day from the class event (SOUNDCASE) tomorrow, i'm walkin round the campus of Al-Azhar today and having lotta dimsum for the lunch.

PS: promosi ini berjalan cukup alot, makasi buat tawarannya jd sales, g minat lg deh!

eat THAT lot

Quick Note:
Sushi such a happiness for me, i lotta like it! but it be more happy to enjoyed the -free of charge- dinner at
sushi ya last night with kipli and oma. "makasi ya plii traktirannya.." :)

Monday, 15 June 2009

Animus Accesor

"De inimico non loquaris sed cotiges."
"Jangan berharap lawanmu sakit, tapi susun rencanamu sebaik mungkin."

-some of the text

yay! i had already finished read Aerial, a novel by Sitta Karina. it's a very great imagination story that i've ever read i guess, wrote by an indonesian authors. woaaagh, there's no regret to spent the full relaxing sunday to read it :)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Black Polka

i've bought new flat shoes this week, yippie :)

Friday, 12 June 2009

My Love is Easy

These days are gone

Loud enough to hold on

I think about the time we wasted

I think about the years to come

It's getting late and I can't call

It's getting late to face it all

I think about the time we wasted

My loneliness has slowly grown

I told you not to cross the line

& leave me with your love for granted

The letters from your broken heart

I think I might have lost them somewhere

Don't tell me 'bout your lies

Don't tell me 'bout your secrets.

-Phoenix, Love For Granted

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Lazy Sunday

today i've just dropped by to Gramedia with my dad to bought this:

how about ayatamat Cinta? can you imagine what's the book tells about? hahaha, can't wait to read those that :)