Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Beach Night Out

A couple days before Oma left to China for her study, we watched Barry Likumahua Project (BPL) on New Friday Jazz Nite at Ancol. The show was awesome! You know what really nice perform of these guys? They covering You Know Me So Well by Sm*sh into jazz! I love it not because i like Sm*sh but their music was really cool, wohoo.. so adorable and i want to see them again next time.

The show was ended at 10 pm, so after that we’re moving to Bandar Djakarta to get a dinner. And then at midnite coming, we’re going to the beach and walking barefoot in the white sands and play a swing near by the beach, having a nice conversation, enjoying the fresh air and laugh out loud like we were still a child. At that night we got plenty stories and humors to tell, and we shared it. You know, i’m gonna miss every single day we’ve been done through this year together, Oma, Apli... I love love love you two. :)

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