Monday 7 March 2011

Full Day of Happiness

a sweet taste of Roejak Tjampoer at Sagoo

Went out to Kelapa Gading Mall with Apli to hunt and buy a sweater for Oma, to warm her in the winter before she's going to China on next Sunday. And then having lunch at Sagoo, a Chinese resto that serve Indonesian foods, as you can see a bit by these pictures above that they bringing us back to the 70-90’s memories! They sell some ‘jajanan’ and old stuffs that we really hard to find in this year lately, like at this picture, have you ever heard a drink called, ‘badak’? Haha, i’ve never! This is the second time i came here and i still want it more next time, it’s a nice place to chill.

On the next couple hours we met Oma and watching No Strings Attached. So romantic, here i come to put a quote on that film, “if you come any closer, i’ll never let you go.” That was Ashton Kutcher said to Natalie Portman when he try to convinced her to accept his love. That was sooo romantic! I want him!!! Yeaa, but well then, before we’re going back home, Oma and i decided to come in the Forbidden Dynasty Qin, a kind of Chinese haunted house at La Piazza. No need to ask... we obviously scared of that creepy thingy on that dark jungle setting in there. But i reference it to you who want to practice screaming with your mate. A perfect place to release your scream out loud. Enjoy! ;)

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