Tuesday 8 March 2011

A Letter To Stephani Haryanto

Pssst.. I used to give you this letter before you go to China but it's too late to print and give this to you at the airport. And the photos i grabbed on your blog at that time still on progress to make it into a video post to you, -blame it mas Adjuk! he still busy doing his things, hehe- but the video will be aired soon, i promise you! :DDD And well here it is, the letter:

A Letter To Stephani Haryanto
Jakarta, 5.47 am
January 16, 2011

I suddenly miss you!
it's been two hours I'm stalking your blog
saving your pictures and preparing to keep it before you go to China
preparing to be tough when your gone
here they are..
here they are..
this tears starting me down, mellow.. just for thinking about ya.
can you just stay here?
can you just accompany me, here..
we could share many things,
we could sing our favorite songs out loud together,
we could buy our favorite foods, remember that you like fine dining so much and dress up beautifully,
we could hurt each other (sounds so wrong, but ya know.. the 'jambak-tendang-tabok' things, i will miss em that much)
we could buy a drink and feel free to get drunk all night long,
we could do our great time together! :( :( :(
will you be the same like the old you when you got there?
will you remember me, missing me like i do to you?
will you stopping your busy thingy right there for a second just to say "Hi" to me on a chat-room?
will you keep posting your blog like i asked you on our last meeting?
will you send me your digital hug when i feel so damn tired and sad, when i need you?
ah, when you read it i can't hear your answer. :( :( :(
promise me you'll be okay over there,
promise me you'll hit your cousin's value!
promise me you'll be back soon with your new you,
and promise me that you'll never give up with this long distance relationship between us! (sound so weird..)
but well well..
i won't say goodbye to you..
here is my letter, hope you'll smiling next to your window at the plane and watch the sky and i down here..
just like Rangga smiling back to Cinta, you know..
and I'll be Cinta waiting you here..
waiting you come back to Jakarta again and bring me your best!
have a safe flight Omaaa..
I love you, my truly friend of mine. :)

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