Tuesday 8 March 2011

February 20th, The Farewell

I never felt so strong like yesterday when i accompanied Oma to the airport and watching her saying goodbye to me. It’s the last warmest hug i feel to her, seeing and hearing her voice and in a real for the last time was the worst part of that day. She will be left to China for a year, but i thought it will be so long cause i still like to keep remembering so many great time i have ever spent with her, and it hurts so much to know that we’ll be separated in a long time and it’s distances. She’s a place i usually came by when i feel sad and i want to reach her just to asked a hug. But that day she left, i don’t want her to see me cry cause all i want is watch Oma has succeeded her study and coming back soon to Indonesia to give her best. But errr.. to be honest, I finally released my tears on my way back home and starting to miss her. I’m gonna miss you much, Oma.. so take care there. :')

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