Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The UK Afternoon

Today my class, MC10-8B, have made an exhibition about culture of UK (England) to finished our project class of Intercultural Communication subject but it wasn't look like an exhibition anyway.. hehe.. That event was startin at 3 pm on canteen of campus B. I think this event is getting so much attentions from the students whose came into the canteen, cause theirs so crowded. The audiences was awesome, i'd see when they're got it's entertainment that we had serve. Fun! (even i spent lotta times to play TTS with icha, haha)

Oh ya, i forgot to explain what's the exhibition about. We called it UK Afternoon and we presents an acoustical music performance by Tami (our classmate) with his friends Iga from the trees and the wild, he's also an announcer of some local radio station in Jakarta. Tami and Iga played some Britpop songs by Coldplay, Morrissey, Radiohead and The Beatles. it's very comfy to watched her singing.. i do love her voice. thank you Tami to made my day! :)

And oh, i wanna show you the picture of TTS that made me dizzy to think all day long. hahaha.. a nice cover too!

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