Saturday, 18 July 2009

Indonesian's Cried Again

Yesterday is a saddest day for people who lives in Indonesia. at least 2 bombs was explode in JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Mega Kuningan's area at 07.40 am. i was on the way nearby that location to reach my campus to having exam of intercultural communication. along from Tebet until Ambassador Mall i'd see the street's crowded with the polices, television's crews, and ambulances. it was so frightening moment that i had never seen before. i've just heard from the driver's of the subway that i took, that is a bomb explode in JW Marriot. so scared, cause it means that is two bombs attacked it place for the last one decade.

When taking lunch in the campus after that exam, i saw the breaking news on television that shown the last things happened in the location where is the bombs exploded. so sad to heard the people's cried and see the blood's everywhere. as an Indonesian, i'm totally upset with this unpredictable attacked by the terrorists.

Oh man, you (the bombers) can't break us down with this thing. We're gonna stick together to fight with y'all!!!

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