Friday, 31 July 2009

The Monday-Tuesday with Sugar Family

I ever told you about Dixty, they're my friends on campus since semester 1. there's a 10 members of that gang (cih! males sendiri bacanya) but that already exists is just me, Apri, Oma, Nana, and Aca. So when we had a dinner in Warung Pasta at Kemang we're decided to make a new frame of our friendship, Tarrra.. The Sugar Family was born exactly at 10 pm. Hahah.. Me as Bee want to introduce my new family, here they are:

Nana as Cherry, Oma as Candy, Me as Bee, Aca as Creamy and Apri as Bubble

The following day, we're had lunch in Warung Ayam Taliwang and ate Duren Monthong! Yummy!!! :)

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