Monday, 6 July 2009

Hello, it's me again :)

i'm back!
a couple days ago i made myself busy to fall asleep. really! i've just got a hibernation on my days. i didn't do anything and i've got 15 hours a day to sleep. can't you imagine it? when i woke up, i felt so dizzy, and i think clearly that i lost those quality times to do something more brilliant than asleep. yea.. it should be! and now i had regret to spent those times just to continuing my dreams.

okay, just forget it!
i wanna show you the blog of
FAME, and i hope you guys can visited this blog for your references of the accessories menu on your fashion list. we're in the preparing to made a second season of our product. so, check out our blog anytime you want! :)
click here:

enjoy your day everyone! i have to go to sleep now because tomorrow (ok, i think it should be today, hehe) i have to attending the meeting about the exhibition class on campus.
i'll be back on my good mood to write this blog, hhe.. xoxo ;)

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