Saturday, 11 July 2009

Yes, I Knew That Way

Wow and Yay! now i can save the screen picture on my desktop! (i know it's a simply thing to do but not all of ya'll can make it, right?) i asked many of my friends but only two of them told me that way. there are two different way to do it. first, you can click PrtScSysRq on your keyboard and paste it to the paint or photoshop and save it. and the second way is googling the pc screen capture, and you can save your picture on it or just click and download this link:
it's an easy way to try! :)

yesterday i used my time to answers the questions all about me in the facebook. it just like i answered the trivia quiz in a bulletin board on friendster that i did a long time ago (hehe, such it many years goes by since i left my friendster account) and bingbamboom, i try to save that pictures to you! here they are:

click to open large

and oh ya, i'm happy ;)

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