Monday, 13 July 2009

Hell yea, that was a great Panic

I often be late when i have appointments, but i do really hate when i late for attending the important thing that is scheduled, so much! (oh yeah, it just like i told you clearly that i'm a selfish person, rite? ;p) Today i almost lost my exam of Indonesian Communications System. This is the final exam, and i swear to God.. if i lost it, i'm hurted. i do really care for my studies because it's something that i have to be proud of. even i did nothing "Wow.." in the campus, i will always do the best for made a better points for all of the subject that i takes. i kept on promise to make my parents happy to see my achievements.

and here we go, i tell you that 'stupid expectation' on my head today:

last nite i keep on trying to understanding the material exam (when sometimes i did enjoying to browsing and watching tv, hehe) i had a chit chat with lovely dulce on facebook and yahoo messenger, and we have discussed about the exam today, it's kinda sick to know cause we had that exam in the morning, and bla bla bla.. i continue to studying until 5.30 and dulce sent me a message that she's got napping but i told her i completely read those thing so i wanna sleep for a while. but i don't.. i made a record of the material exam and trying to memorize them with it. 8 am, i'd still on my house and took my breakfast. and until 9 am when i wanna dressed up, erren's call, and what? i do expect that exam is starting on 11 am but erren got shock when i'm gladly say to her that i'd still in house. unfortunately, she said the exam starting on 9 am. Ow.. my.. Gosh..

the end, what's on your mind? x(

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