Saturday, 14 May 2011

Pray For Life

"The size of your problem represents the size of your blessing." - @twis_ter

Last week, i felt like i had fall by a gigantic storm, it's pouring, the wind was blowing me down. It seems like i cannot move my body, it's even harder for me to stir my tongue to reach a help. The unexpected moments against my heart and I'm bleeding! -gaaahh.. now it feels like I'm over react, right? Okaaayy.. anyway, the quote above represents my problem now. I've been drunk, intoxicated and over satisfied by the reality, I'm on a high confident to face my life, how is my future supposed to be so I'm neglecting what i have to believe. Simply word, arrogant. Me... means nothing in the name of God, Allah. Remember how God can make you survive in your life, give you some happiness, give you a mercy, give you a love. And easy me, forgetting who am i, what i have to do, yea.. call it praying. So shortly mind of me, i don't want to fall in the same hole like i did yesterday and i only want to say this, you must learn to not easily being proud of what you get today, keep remembering your self to be grateful and thankful to God for what you had and have shared with others, that's how you live, that's all life. Oh, life. :)

PS: but you should know there is always a lesson from every problem toward you. :)


  1. hoo, what's the matter??? looks like i agree for the last sentence..

  2. whoa, i never thought before that someone can put a comment on my blog. And there you are.. hello then! :)

  3. indeed..agree with your great notes!