Monday, 30 May 2011

My First Sketch!

Have a short conversation with my friend and he promise me to make a sketch of mine. So i thought why i don't make it by my self? I used to think to draw it but i really can't draw, yea.. if you ask me to draw a couple mountain including their coffee shop near by the road, i will, but drawing a face into a sketch? Haha! It's impossible.

So, why don't give my self a try? my mind said that. Then i chose a picture of me and edit the photo into an edge to make a basic pattern of your face by using the Photoshop CS, done it? Open the Paint at your windows and start painting your photo with a pencil. Drawing line per line, one piece of your hair per hair and be patience to wait until your sketch done. Easy? Haha again, just try.. I already done sketching mine less than 3 hours. Ain't bad at all, right? Yay! :)

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