Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day 4

a view outside from my room at the 4th floor

It's sunny outside but i don't really want to go out from the apartment, at the first time i'm arrived in this country i usually came by to my cousin's house, he's already have two kids, Fadhil and Jarfa, they are so cute, just wait until i get they're picture so i can post out in here.

Oooh God, how do i miss Jakarta so much, i miss my mom and my brother, Ristu. I miss to company mom to get her radiotherapy at the hospital, i miss to fight with Ristu, i miss my boyfriend so much, how to communicate with him even we're having a long distance relationship (Jakarta-Surabaya) were never meant harder than now we do. I miss Aplie so much, i miss to see her a lot. And i miss the other friends of mine, how do i miss to catch up and hangout with them.

Now i have to be more patient because the fact that i got a new job from my cousin, to help him on his project of a drama television at the Production House that he has been work. It means i will spend much more time to live here and it's so damn Arrrrgh!!! I can't explain what is on my mind but this is too much i guess, i can't stop thinking about my mom, how she feels now, how good she is, and the culture shock thingy, and so many things that i better left unsaid, because this is too much! MUCH! oh okay, feels like my brain will be exploded, so i have to finish my word, just now.

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