Sunday, 19 April 2009

the twenty something

yeaaa.. i'm 21 now..

i'm happy to know that people around me showed that they're do care about me, i'd see the wall posted in my facebook from my friends, they're said happy birthday to me and gave me some wishes. but do you know what is like being older? i'm too scared imagine it. my parents wants me to be more adult than before because they said that i'm too childish. what should i do? i want it too, i know that i have to changed in the matter of time, i can't be stuck on it, yes, i know it but.. i don't know why i'm too scared like this..

there's many things i've learned by the time i live, many of them gave me happiness, and sometimes it break me down too. family, friends, they're also made my life up and down. it makes me believe that is nothing in the world could become perfect. it just a dream i guess.

now, i know it. i've just realized that all i have to do is pray to God (Allah), trust with myself, be wiser to take the time, and respect with others. i can't walk alone, so i'll never let my mind thoughts that i could walk on in my life with nobody. i am human, need to be socialized with the others.

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