Friday, 24 April 2009

i feel, angry

there's so many things to do in this week so i got myself not be up to posting the blog. usually before the mid test all of the lectures becoming a devil for their students, they gives many assignments with the same deadline.
and being a creative division of the seminar class is getting me frustrated, i have no idea for the logo and poster design, which is the two of that task have to be finished on just 4 days, yea.. only
4 days!
i realized with the late programming concept of the seminar makes me (and also in other divisions) to work in a limited time, but for you (who gave me the task) have must to think
how easily you have commanded me, am i look a professional? i'd just like you, need the time to think it, imagine it, and make it real with the enough time, i can't work so fast like you wish!

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