Sunday, 5 April 2009

the important and not important

the important thing that i wanna tell today is i'm having a quality time with my brother, ristu for making lunch together, cooking pizza!! sounds great.. but spent that time with him to cook just like a disaster, talk more do less x'(. and the kitchen was so messy when we're done with the cook. let me show you the picture..


looks delicious..
but you can't imagine that taste..
you must having an extra power to eat this because it just like a stone. HARD!
that's why i just wanna show you the uncooked pizza that we made together.. muahaha

and the not important one is:

the bleeding finger!
when i made that lunch with my brother, my finger crash the knife..
i 've told you this is not important but i'm still want you to know that, hehe..

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