Saturday, 11 April 2009

a super patient day

the title i'd take above it's represent my mood today.
this day i went to itc mangga dua..
i actually don't have any purpose to go there but i've just want to go out of my house and buy something, and i don't know why..
how people was so annoying to me, i can't explain it to you clearly but it must be a super patient day for me.. errrggh!!

there are people and the thing that's so annoyed this day:
  1. a drink seller on itc mangdu
  2. trans jakarta bus coordinator
  3. lotta time that wasted to wait the bus!
  4. a supir angkot!
  5. and the more time being wasted to wait him ngetem!!
besides that, i bought some happiness today and this is the picture..

the third dsquared2 pants that i ever bought, this is the comfy one of the others. that's why i never regret to bought it again and again, yay!

i strongly agree to stop the piracy but how embarassing that i'd still buy it, i'm so sorry.. ;'(

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