Sunday, 7 March 2010

Too Much Tired

I'm enjoying Java Jazz Festival 2010 (JJF) Day 2 with Oma today, and get tired after that show. I watched the music performances of Maliq n D'essentials, Andezzz, Monita Tahalea, Glenn Fredly (plus his collaboration with Endah N Rhesa and Shandy Sundoro to sing Let's Say Love to spreading positive viruses in the life from the album of Lovevolution by Glenn, and that was awesome!), i saw Coklat too.. they're support the local product of Indonesia called "100% cinta produk Indonesia", i guess it's a great mind to support our lovely nation.

The venue of JJF 2010 is new, it's on Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) at Kemayoran. The venue is larger than the previous event of JJF 2009 in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), so we have to got an extra energy to reach stage by stage of the artist line-up show. And it's so tiring, if you came in a bad mood, there's no surprise that you will lose your energy to enjoying those music performances. I realized that it's not easy to organizing the music festival at a new venue but how can you decided thing without a bad expectation like this for the large event? i don't care about the larger stage or how many stages they have and the larger food station.. it's a music festival, they served over 20 artists each day, and with this larger venue make us get tired quickly. And the other complaint is the less coordination of the committees, i stuck in the line queue at Hall A2, gate of Glenn Fredly show for a 20 minutes! The gate was close on 10.00 pm because the stage is full of guests. It was the same time when Glenn start his show. How can the gate is closed when the shows starting? We're really disappointed with this, almost the whole guests has mad and shouted the committee in the front gate but they have no action to reduce our anger. And after the gate opened there is a bad, bad, bad, bad situation that I've ever seen in the music festival like this, i trapped in the line queue without a space to walking near by the stage. Over crowded! and the last annoyed thing is.. i have to spent 1,5 hours to out of this place, just in the parking lot! errrrrgh..

Well, it just my own thought and I hope in the next event whether the place and the coordination of the show will run better. I prefer to choose JCC for JJF 2011. Bring us back for the comfort venue.

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