Wednesday, 3 March 2010

It's about Love

"What was the point of having unending life if that life was without love?" -Claudia Gray

I love to be loved and i hate to lose it all. Love means everything to me. Allah -the only one i can believe in this world, believing that Allah was truly exist in my soul, hear and guide me to had a great life. A family -how could i live without 'em? they're the lights of my life. Friends -they're belong to me in every time i need 'em, my energy. And my life -that is a fabulous thing i learned how can i stand in this world with my own feet. I'm fully blessed with all of my thoughts and feelings about something, learn a new thing in life just like a surprise for me, got a challenge to facing the hardest part of my life and trying to solve it all and a choice to have a new one you loved is the most cute feeling i guess, when you have a good feeling to miss someone that you had care about or even when you feel like you had a big storm in your life to lose someone you love, at least you've learned how to keep up and protect your love and try to be the nice one for them.

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