Monday, 23 November 2009

Thank God, She's been a Good Friends of Mine .

My friend, Nung was a lot story to tell. She's too kind, too funny, too young, and too hurt to be gone. It almost 3 years to be closed with her, and spending my day with her was awesome. I've got full of smiles, laughs, and happiness when she's on my side.

"I'm in pain to realized that you don't even say goodbye to me, Nung.. i don't even called you, just to make sure that you're fine when you've got that ill. If is time won't running away like yesterday, i want to save you, made you feel secure.. at least at the last breath of yours, you know that i'll be there for you.. now i felt like i don't care, i felt like i'm neglecting you, but the time was running so fast and i can't turned back that time.." it's really sad.

and November 22, at 5pm..
You're gone, but your memories had still reminded me always.


  1. Wow..memory yang tak akan pernah terlupakan.. gue jadi kangen sama temen-teman gue yang dulu di Medan.. .
    i am sad now.. hix...hix