Thursday, 19 November 2009


I had a good mind and mood going to the office this morning even i was so sleepy on my way to get there. When i arrived, I've took a few minutes to helping out the other employee with her clipping's stuff, and then i had an invitation to attending the seminar called "Updates from The Region West Nusa Tenggara Province" for visit Lombok-Sumbawa 2012 held by Department of Foreign Affairs- Republic of Indonesia and NTB's governor in Nusantara Room. This is the first seminar that i've been attended with the ambassadors and corps diplomatic RI, and also Mr. Marty Natalegawa as an Indonesian Minister. There's so many press in there, tryin to covered up the event. This is my first time and i'd still amazed to looked the flashlights photograph by the press media when Mr. Marty comes up to the venue, hehehe.. Before and after the event, we had a pleasant to see the traditional dances of West Nusa Tenggara including their traditional music, and it's really entertaining the audiences. I Love it.

And oh ya, here is the short video's presentation, it's awesome! Oh God, I do prouds of my country :))

About 2 weeks ago:

I had an opportunity to attending a press conference by the Indonesian Minister, Mr. Marty Natalegawa and the Uni-Europe Minister (don't know how to spell it, hhe) held by Department of Foreign Affairs-Republic of Indonesia in Pancasila Building. It's also my first time to see the real press conference. I'd ever learning how to manage the press conference in a college and now i can see them things in a reality, that was cool, i do love those press media.

the press conference

And guess what?
in the following day, my dad got a second gifts for the challenge of "Gaplek" with his friends on our neighboorhood. muahaha, "you rocks, dad.."

PS: Ssssstt.. I loved that flashlights and wondering the paparazzi will come up to me and covered me to the headlines, hahaha x)


  1. hihi manteb mbak, gaplekannya jago tuh pasti. Utk presentasiny, ya itu baru sekelumit dari negara ini mbak. hehe. Salam kenal!


  2. hehe, iya.. makasi ya.. he'eh! indonesiaku kan kaya! :D