Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Learning Was So Hard, You'll Never Expected Them Things

Damn i miss my blog so much.. i need a rest of my time to shared what i did to do within a weeks ago. I hate being busy of my internship and thesis, i need to play around, i want to catch up more with my friends, i want to hear voices of 'the boy' who made me smiling all the time more and more before i fall asleep. i miss that time! missing the quality time with my lovely life. really.. it's been harder when i woke up early in the morning and thinking about all i have to do during my internship, the not funny things live in a office, when your working environment have no respected 'bout your presences in there. Hope that they're be good to you, but all i felt it just like they're knew I'm on their side, but they're not want me to closed with 'em. it's just so sad feeling empty for spending my day in a place like that, but 2 months and more more more days remaining, i 'd still have to face it..

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