Thursday, 10 September 2009

Unexpected Day

I'm so tired and excited! spent my time to think about the thesis proposal is made me frustrated. I'm not ready yet to make it actually.. but i chose to research the content analysis for the blog of Diana Rikasari (Hot Chocolate and Mint). It's feels so fun to imagine that one day I'll be next to her.. i wanna closed with her, learning everything on her and yea! it's because i adore her! :)

So, before i met my thesis advisor i tried to asked her email on a twitter, and she replied it. That day i don't want to wait much longer to send her an email, I'd asked her to be a part of the object for my thesis. and its surprising me that she had replied my email soooo quickly! and I'm.. Speechless.

click for the larger image :)

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