Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

You know what? i got a quickly trip to Yogyakarta with my Dad (not to accompany him on his office's seminar in here but i wanna have this short holiday time, hehe). I left Jakarta starting from yesterday and gonna back to that lovely city tomorrow after visiting my grandmother's home in Purworejo :)

And a couple hours ago i'd spent the time on walkin 'round Malioboro street. I wasn't thought that place was crowd like this time, many foreign tourists come in and they're looked excited to ride on 'becak' and 'andong'. I took becak too after had a lunch to lookin round the stores. it's great! oh ya, on my way back to the hotel, i saw many of coolest and funniest graffiti that i had ever seen before, created by a local young people here, they're totally awesome! if i had much time to stay here, i wanna be Dora! I want to exploring this beautiful city! And I do wonder whether my dad wants to buy me a Digital SLR Camera, hihi.. I guess i got some interested on photography and wanna makes some art works by it's stuff, if I could :)

Well, this is the picture what i bought today: