Friday, 7 August 2009

The Internship? Where I go?

I had already got home after following the internship seminar on campus this afternoon. That was make my head spinnin 'round.. What do i do? I'd still asked myself to find a better place to distributing this ability.. my own ability, hahah.. such i'm a good person with a great personality to get a good job. But heyyy... I don't wanna be a pessimistic person! I have to encourage myself to be a "That Person" and bet people to wonder where on this earth i could be! I trust myself, i can handle a job, i can be a good employer, i can made my parents proud of me. And yes, I'm gonna work harder in this internship! muahaha.. amin ya Allah x)

Well then, besides that things, after had an internship seminar i left campus to Kuningan (RIFA's Building), accompany Oma to lookin out the bazaar around that place but we didn't have any catchy things to be bought. We're just see the stuff and thinkin that are not good enough, we're not had a taste on it.

Oh ya! After that we're decided to dropped by to Shusi Ya, Tebet to take a dinner.. I'd shared many story that i haven't told to Oma before. I had like to facing my friends, shared many story with 'em, and laughs a lot with our jokes. And I often realized that i can't do nothing without 'em, they're cheers me up when I'm down, when i need to talk, when i need to screamin out the anger.. They're made me secure, and convinced me that I'm not alone.

Thanks to be a part of my life Oma, Kipli.. both of you are fills my heart :)

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