Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I Love You Full, Indonesia..

I'm getting nervous to celebrate the Independence Day on a couples days ago (sorry if late to posted this cause i had many things to do about the internship and my proposal thesis, errrgh..) okay, back to the point, i am excited to watched the ceremony of Indonesia's independence day at 10 am, but i'm totally upset with myself when i realized that i lost that moment. I slept away at 9 am til 8 pm.. it was a hibernation after i wade awake for the day before. hhhhaaaahh.. i hate myself for that day! i do really want to watched it and i want to see my best ever President, my country leader in that ceremonial, but, oh no! i've just lost it.

But.. besides that regretful of me, when i woke up, i glad to hear my dad was winning the games of "gaplek" in my neighborhood areas, haha.. he got the present guys.. a one of mobile phone. it's sooo niiiiice..!! x)

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