Thursday, 4 June 2009

Our Seminar (MC10-78B)

The SIGHT Production

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Facing globalization era, media as the information sources, need to improve their way of communicating to people. Lots of people seek for informative and innovative structure of communication especially from media. Communication methods are explored by media and found out that public are interested in such different and new things. This newbie can be formed in music.

Among today’s industry, music has been the most powerful channel to spread message. Many themes are brought by musicians and people involved to express what are on their mind. Even though some people are using music as money factory by exploiting and faking music sense, these people still need to understand public’s interests in making music.Beside the production of music, another step that is important to be well-planned is the distribution. How people would know about new and good music is also depend on how the musicians spread the music. Vary methods of spreading and sharing music is now being developed. Touching to the modern era, media become so easily get and wider coverage. Internet is one of the ways of exposing music worldwide. Simple thing like download and upload music are now can be done by everyone, everywhere. This shows that media plays main role of broaden many information and messages especially in form of music.

Understanding trend of technology nowadays, we student of The London School of Public Relations Jakarta, are eager to conduct an event related to the topic above. Using internet and a technology invention called podcast; we would like to carry out a brief introduction and a persuasion to public through a music festival. The reason why we use music is because its method which is close-related to using media through the internet connection. In the other words, we would like to create an innovative way of beckoning people to use media to explore and share their creativity (symbolized by music in this particular)

Podcast Discussion By :
Zeke Khaseli (Musician)
Iman Fattah (Musician)
Budi Prakoso (DeadMedia)
Adit (DeadMedia)

Moderator :
Iga (The Trees And The Wild)

Performances By :
Zeke & Iman (from Zeke & The Popo)
Endah & Resha
Marquis (ex. God Must Be Crazy)

PS: Dateng yaaahh..!!! :)

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