Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Damn, I Really Hate This Situation

i shouldn't be proud to shared this to you and i actually have to be shamed with all of you who read this post because it's too private to tell but i'd like to. less than a hour ago i have a physical abuse from my brother. it just a lil bit misunderstanding with us that made me crying over and over again at this time. i fought with him. at least i've got one punch on my leg, one on my chin, and two punch on my arms. he got me into the chair and... just can't tell you how it's look like but it's so frighten me at that time before my mom's out of her room to break up the fight and my father come in the house and see what's going on and protected me of that situation. it's not the first time that i'd see the part of scene when my brother got his temper up like this, but it so difficult to me to understand what's on his mind when he was easily beated me. i'm a girl, i'm a part of his family and i'm the only one sister of him. how he could do that to me? the only one thing i know that i've never regret who he is, he'd still my brother and and i'd still love him too.

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