Thursday, 25 June 2009

Moving Backward and Forward

i'm just adding the play list on my music player with the old songs and remembering all of the story behind it, hahaha.. such a good story to tell you.. but i just wanna listed the songs (except boyband! hehe..) that i've heard most, here they are:
  1. linkin park - papercut
  2. haven - say something
  3. gorillaz - clint eastwood
  4. red hot chili peppers - the zephyr song
  5. aaliyah - i miss you
  6. destiny's child - say my name
  7. matchbox 20 - disease
  8. alicia keys - fallin
  9. phantom planet - lonely day
  10. t.A.T.u - all the things she said
  11. N.E.R.D - rock star
  12. NAS - i can
  13. Blink 182 - reckless abandon
  14. nelly ft. kelly rowland - dilemma
  15. sugababes - overload
  16. counting crows ft. vanessa carlton - big yellow taxi
  17. missy eliot - get ur freak on
  18. nelly furtado - turn off the light
  19. muse - hysteria
  20. outkast - i'm sorry ms. jackson
  21. and many..
as i remember, in senior high school i'm addicted the genre of emo. i'd like listen to the used, my chemical romance, fall out boy, the all american rejects, the ataris, finch, dashboard confessional, saosin, and yellow card. and now, i loved listen to:
  1. arctic monkeys
  2. sigur ros
  3. tahiti 80
  4. imogen heap
  5. lily allen
  6. lady gaga
  7. lykke li
  8. travis
  9. jamiroquai
  10. just jack
  11. phoenix
  12. the ting tings
  13. the postal service
  14. sondre lerche
  15. super furry animals
  16. architechture in helsinki
  17. keane
  18. maroon 5
  19. jamie cullum
  20. santamonica (local)
  21. and more..
actually, i love the whole genre of music. but i love the international music more than a music local in indonesia. but it's not made me as an Indonesian's do not have a proud for the musicians in my country, i'd still appreciate them to make a good song, really :)

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