Thursday, 21 May 2009

i COME back

yeeha! i finally have a time to posting up this blog. you know what? i had so much things to do in last week that made me tired and not even think what i had to tell you in here. but now i'm gonna update my recent activities a couple days ago..

last friday i went to Pasar Senen or STC (some of my frends called it just like Senayan Trade Center, haha) with the classmates. there's so much stuff i got there, they're good to wear also. but i cannot upload the photos now because i haven't captured those stuff. maybe tomorrow i will uploaded to you ;)

and last saturday nite i went to PS to watched Angels & Demons, it such a great movie, i love it! anyway i got there with my old friends in semester 1 that we called Dixty, hehe.. it just like a great reunion for me! and after enjoying the movie we're going to moved to take a dinner at Warung Pasta, Kemang. after finished our dinner, we're moved again to enjoyed a packed of ice cream on Cold Stone in La Code Fin and wait to met other friends, Aca and Eki.

me, oma, apli, nana, and aca
eki? he was taking the photos, haha!

after that we're going to moved again and again to ate dim sum nearby the foodfest, we're spent that great quality time together in there by chat a lot and spreads some gossip, haha..

it's not ending at that time because at the 12 o'clock we had a surprise birthday for Aca that is made by her bf, Eki. how sweeeeeettt..!! and here is Aca's look like after we're messed up her with wheat flour and a bottle of tea drink in eki's car.
sooooo beautiful! x')

PS: Dixty is founded when we had study in semester 1, it represented our friendship in 10. we called it Dix community, that is means 10 community in French. after we spent our time day by day together there's an up and down. we're not always do and feel the same way in the same time. we do have a conflict, like other friendship did. but we try harder than anyone knows to trust each other. but in the meantime, we lost one of them with her fatal mistaken. so we're now in 9. what should i call? hmm.. how about Semty? means Sembilan community! (haha, it's such a very important story that i have to tell you, but i did! hehe)

enjoy this One-free-day!! :)

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