Thursday, 7 May 2009

BCB with ms. afganisme

i had already watched Bukan Cinta Biasa today with my lovely classmates!
it's an obsessed by dulce and nungqy who becoming afganisme (someone that called fans of Afgan) wanted to watch that movie so much when i'm not excited to watch it actually, hihhi..
but you have to know guys,
it's really happy to having all those great time with y'all!

and hey, you know what? today is the end of the mid term.
what a super wonderful day to me.
cheers a lot! ;')

PS: minus icha, causes she had a lil bit dispute with her bf in that time, after we're finished the exam.


  1. iyah setuju.. filmnya agak maksa buat ngelucu..ituh karena ada afgannya jadi nntn. klo ga kita udah nntn x-men wolvrine tadi. hehe maaf yaa yank

  2. ahahhaha.. gpp ko! pas udh lewat dr 15 menit pertama udh mulai lumayan ceritanya, konyol! hehe ..

  3. hehe iyah tuh juga gara si jo.. "akhirnya gw dapet tempat duduk".. hahaa

  4. hahaha, sm tua tua kelingking! makin tua makin good looking!

  5. hahaa.. mantap bgt tuh pantun

  6. mang ada pantun bgtu??? gw ga taauu

  7. adeth.. emng kmren kamu nntn apa.? makanya klo nntn di perhatiin.. hahaa