Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What Did The Father Say To His Daughter

For the very first time, you, Dad.. are talking to me like I’m no longer as your child, your little girl. About a couple hours ago you talk to me like you've seen me grow into a mature woman. You’re talking about my future, my future partner of life. That was the precious moment I’ve ever had with you, you know what, i love you, i love you so much Dad.. you’re the perfect guy, you’re the man I’ve been dreaming on. You said you gave me a freedom to choose what i want, you told me that i have to pick the best man for my life, you didn’t care about their family background behind it, such thing like, what i supposed to call? hmm.. “bibit, bebet, bobot”, yeah.. you telling me what’s the real future that awaits me it’s not as a simple for trying to find it, i only have to looking the biggest thing except that, it’s just a plus, you said. Find the man who is really loves me the way i am and it must be someone that has a responsibility for taking care of me. It’s the wiser you.. you made me strong, Dad, you did. And i know you’ll always be.. :)

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