Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Baby I'm Back!

it's been a long looong time..
miss me? no?
aaah, i miss ya!
it's good to know that people has changed
everybody's changing!
some has affected me in a positive way
and some feels the other side of it
and i realized that life is truly goes on
some people may stuck on their own business of life
and some people was successfully moved from that "thing"
called it pain, scars, sickness, a failure, broken-hearted part, a ghost from the past..
well yeah, call it whatever you want..
but heeey.. i already moved!
it's been two years that pain has always haunted me,
i stumbled on the old memories and it's always playing in my mind..

feels like i can't move, i was stuck on the box
i want to move on but it's so hard
and it's getting harder and harder when you're alone
here it is..
remember when i told ya when over than a hundred reason why you wanted someone to be yours,
cause no matter what all you ever wanted is just him
i said so why do we have to wait so long for someone that will cannot love you back, that is wasted.
so why i took it so long?
ya, i thought he's worth to wait
you know, that's wrong!
but different thought of mine saying it's just like my own dream
why we don't try to reach our dream, so I'll keep pursuing it!
cause when you found someone who is make you believe that he's all you ever want, it's so perfect.
why you have to find so hard when you exactly know what you want?
same wasted, right?
but i felt it wrong if i don't even think how about to move on
there are over a billion people around the globe get ready for the new love but i don't get a chance of it, and I'm neglecting it.
it's so wrong when you don't try to get out of that situation
you have to out of the box
you have to create the brand new you
So i try to open myself, trying to out of that box, and it's just happened!
I'm no longer on that situation when i try so hard to push myself out from the outer space that i called it "past."
so here i go..
different me
different vision of mine before
the stronger me
the better am i to be
and the faster i moving forward from the awkward situation that trying to broke me down on the ground
this is the best part of me
it's because of You..
You, someone i could belief no matter who you are
and no matter how long we know each other
all i ever feel now is just i love the real you,
the kind of you,
the sweetest thing in you,
your presence around me, i felt it so true
thanks for being you!

So how's your life, stranger?
I tell ya, just stay positive in your life,
and you'll be alright, we're all be alright! :)

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