Sunday, 24 January 2010

Quick Internship Report:

Last Friday, we had celebrated "Tumpengan" (it just like a farewell party) in the office for our Director for Information and Media, Mr. Soehardjono Sastromihardjo, Drs, M.A. that has been raised his position as the Ambassador of Indonesia to Kingdom of Cambodia, in Phnom Penh. I do not want to tell you any longer about that but I'd like to share to you what I've learned from his speech that time, i shortly understanding those words like:

"No matter who you are, when you are living in your working environment, show your potentials, then you got their attention. Stand up from your chair, and do the best as you can do. Do not keep silent and hiding of yourself. They're looking forward and get a value of your quality."

and oh, it's inspires me :)

PS: the name of Department of Foreign Affairs RI was replace to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia. It's the place that i working for my internship! Should I be Proud? Don't need to ask, I was :)

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