Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy BELATED New Year anyway :)

Hey-O la la! I'm kind of busy girl right now, and it feels like I wasn't in the good mood to do anything that makes me harder to think. I just want to be free enjoying my day off for downloading music (which is... I've never feel so bright besides downloading a good song) and it even made my friend Astrid also like to called me Ms. Download! She said that in my forehead's written a text, "DOWNLOAD HERE!" hahah! I also like to watching The Hills Season 5, playing my FarmVille and Sorority Life OF COURSE and shopping! :)

Passing the end of year 2009, I have a lot of fun things to shared with y'all... but i forgot to explain to you one by one. And this is a time that i've never forgot about, the time I'd spent the new year eve with my lovely deeply friends Oma, Nana, and Desta (without Aplie, huks...) We've passed the new year eve in the car!!! We're totally late for that celebration, but we're still fun.. We went out to cafe de Hool (but it just for 10 minutes we had survive on that place i guess. errr... don't ask why!) and we had chose to go to Citos, got a dinner in My Pancake and after that Oma and Desta was fully enjoying their cocktails at Score, and at 4 am We'd still wide awake and had decided to eat 'nasi goreng gila' at Senayan before we're going to back home. Oh God, it was a delicious moment in the beginning of year 2010, thank God! :))

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