Monday, 7 March 2011

Coming Back To Beverly Hills 31

minus Jeff, woops! :D

December 18-19, me and my classmates of MC10-8B (Andre, Aa, Alita, Erren, Felio, Hendro, Ipud, and Jeff) went out to Beverly Hills 31, Hendro's villa at Bukit Danau, Puncak. We're having a lunch at Cimory, dinner at Sate Kiloan PSK and frozing like an ice there with the weather. Planning to go to Safari Night but in a half way to reach there, we had to cancel it because there’s a long traffic to turn around the Puncak Pass, so we’re decided to go back to villa and playing card, called “tepok nyamuk” and make it challenge for the losers to take a shot of some alcohol and get a little drunk. Sounds pretty bad but we’re having a good time, right? :p

There are over than 5 rooms in the villa, but that night we decided to sleep on a same room. So here we are 5 boys and 4 girls on the room and been so closed for trying to share some jokes, asking silly questions and singing out loud before we go to sleep together. Fun! Really fun.

And the next day we’re having lunch at Bumi AKI, a Sundanese resto. We got a nice view to looking the green mountain out there. And after that we’re back to villa again and got napping a while before we continued our last dinner at some hotel (I’ve got a lost memory to remember the place) but anyway, we got the foods and watching a live soccer of Indonesia-Philippines together. And then we go back home with a great time in mind. So happy! :)

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