Tuesday, 16 February 2010

it's Holiday!

About a couple weeks ago, me and Oma had visited Nana's house and get our quick holiday in a day! After all of things we had done on campus and office, we had finally made our weekend to catch up together. Yay! i heart that moment. We had lunch in Ramen Sanpachi 38, i ordered jigoku ramen level 3 (by Oma's recommend) and i don't really like to eat that. That was red, hot, and highly spiced! I can't fully enjoy to ate it because it was.. spiced! Maybe i just shocked at it and i guess i should try it once more in a level 1 or 2 so i can have more friendly taste of it's ramen.

jigoku ramen

And after that, we take a short time to had a chat in Dapoer at Jl. Lamandau. It was a place that you can find those things in 50's-60's era. I cannot say anything besides classic. I ordered Es Krim Roti Kacang Hijau, and it has build my childhood memory. great taste! Here is the picture:

And for the dinner, we had it in Pancious. And then we're back home and preparing our self to had some entertaining life, enjoying cocktails or mocktails in Soho, but we're too late. We had no seat in there. So we decided to back home and watching DVD. ah, pleasures..

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