Sunday, 11 October 2009

Play It Again And Sing At All..

Oh I'm really in a good mood of everything, except the Thesis one actually.. hehe.. Recently, I have downloaded a new album of Phoenix, Owl City, Mew and Muse. I loved listen Phoenix since my friends, Ocha gave me a full albums of Phoenix (Alphabetical, It's Never Been Like That, and United), that's on my forth semester i guess and now i became crush on theirs song! and the Owl City, I've never heard this before i met the other friends of mine, Astrid, who told me last week that i have to downloaded their song, umbrella beach, but I didn't. And after I'd surfin on Diana Rikasari's blog, i realized.. the Owl City must be on my playlist! i have to listen it! hehe.. about Mew, this is the first time i heard all of their songs in the album of No More Stories, their new album. Previously, I'd just listen Comforting Sounds after looked out the old post in Diana's blog, and i really like it. and Muse.. Who's doesn't know about Muse?

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